How Understanding Excel Data can Give Competitive Edge for Businesses in 2014

Companies are gearing up for 2014. To gain competitive advantage, they use online mapping. It helps them understand data and use the information for a great head start of the year.
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Naperville, IL ( December 16, 2013 - Business in 2014 in brewing with new interests for many companies. But their biggest challenge that most companies face as another year is fast approaching is the growing amounts of data and how they can put it into good use. To help cope with the growing challenges of understanding data, they look into a technology tool that is specially suited to handle large volumes of data. Relying into online mapping tools is a big step that they undertake. As companies create a map, they see powerful visuals which help them understand their Excel data of address locations way better than they have ever imagined.

For years, has provided effective mapping and geocoding solutions for thousands of companies worldwide. The tools are useful in sharing information within the business, understanding the workflow, and best of all, having a competitive edge in the industry. With the right tools, companies can ensure success in 2014. Tom Haydon, a business owner who runs his own firm, has this to say about "You folks have a great piece of software here. I was able to create a useful map within a few minutes of opening an account."

Companies can now reach success in 2014 and even beyond using the online mapping features of In just a few steps, they can create a map to be more committed in data analysis of their Excel data of address locations. When data is understood, they get to achieve the following:

- Manage business better
- Optimize logistics
- Profile the community
- Strategize business plans more efficiently
- Understand the spending behavior of target market

Online Mapping Tools - A Winning Advantage in 2014 and Beyond

Below are some of the widely used online mapping features of and how they help companies achieve competitive advantage:

Create a map in 3 minutes

The first step of having a competitive edge in 2014 is to create a map. Using, map-making can be done in 3 minutes or less. acts as location intelligence so they can understand their Excel data of address locations better. The maps serve as a rich platform of important information. When data is collected and plotted on a map, users can identify meanings. Maps give better insights for decision-making.

Add unlimited data sets

A growing number of companies use online mapping solutions to help them solve data paradoxes that lead to complicated business problems. How do they do it? By adding unlimited data sets to their maps. This feature helps the users to identify important connections between data sets that may be left unseen when only drafted is spreadsheets. Because maps are powerful visuals, the users are able to identify fitting solutions to problems like product supply and distribution, sales and marketing, and many more.

Share maps in a snap

Maps can be shared instantly. This feature encourages better communication within the business. Misunderstanding and miscommunication often results to poor profit, lack of team management, and loss of customers. To avoid this, provided its feature to readily share the maps. This is about product stocks and delivery can be eliminated leading to customer retention and excellent customer service. The maps can also be embedded on the website so their customers can have access to them. It is also one feature where customers feel that the company is reaching out to them.

Companies consider the online mapping solutions by as very critical to their operations. Having a solid competitive edge in 2014 and even beyond is within their reach as they create a map with


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