German Programmer Aims to Revolutionize Software Development

Developer Ulrich Beckert seeks crowd-funding for final stages of ambitious software project.
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Schonberg, Bavaria, Germany ( March 16, 2015 - Crowd-funding has changed the entire landscape of innovation, and never before has creation been so heavily driven by end-user demand. Still, even with all of the successes of projects financed through services such as IndieGoGo, it can be difficult for upstarts to gain traction and find support for an ambitious and unproven project.

Such is not an issue for the IndieGoGo campaign created by Software Developer Ulrich Beckert, whose project is already well underway and only a few milestones away from completion. The campaign is generating financial backing for an entirely new software development platform, and Beckert's progress reports seem to indicate that now is an ideal time for backers to continue lending their support while they can still get in on the ground floor.

The project is called Native Web, and Beckert's goal is to create a flexible software platform that's easy to use and optimized for the web. Per his public plans for Native Web, Beckert intends to overcome one of the more daunting challenges of software development: cross-platform compatibility. He states that Native Web is being designed for the creation of applications that operate straight out of the box on any operating system. This capability is not a matter of expedient porting or emulation; it's a product of a completely new coding and compiling process that ensures applications won't just run on every system, but that they will run the same way on every system. The end result is a means to create software, games and websites that are completely free of the proprietary holds of Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Developers won't need to learn a new programming language to take advantage of Native Web, as all coding is done in XML with any text-based editor. It can be used to create 2D or 3D games (that can be played between mobile phone, desktop and console users) as well as any other web or software project that requires full hardware acceleration. Physics are supported, as are any and all input/output hardware. That even includes VR headsets.

Beckert's plans for application development are certainly ambitious, and he's inviting contributors to learn more about the project on his website. For those who choose to support Native Web through IndieGoGo, there are a variety of perks available. These include named credit on the development website, a copy of the first 3D game developed in Native Web, and even full assistance with future projects using the development platform post-launch.

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