Independent Media Seeks Funding for Bosnian Pyramid Project

Team of American journalists and occult researchers looking to fund expedition to Bosnian Pyramid dig through IndieGoGo.
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Orlando, FL ( March 31, 2015 - One might think that the discovery of megalithic ruins in a cluster of natural hills in central Bosnia and Herzegovina wouldn't soon be forgotten, especially when one of the ruins is billed as "the largest man-made pyramids on Earth." Since the original discovery in 2005, however, the Bosnian Pyramids have seen very little press outside of reports chronicling the political and personal squabbles between various researchers and scientists involved in the project.

This leaves the general world population in a bit of a quandary. They're caught between a group of scientists, researchers, and amateur archaeologists who believe in the validity of the find and their detractors. Among those who stand behind the assertion that the Bosnian Pyramids are "a hoax" is Dr. Robert Schoch - a controversial player in his own right - who claims that the tunnels, walls, and geometry of the ruins are nothing more than a natural land formation.

Leading the charge in defense of the pyramids, albeit quietly, is the man who discovered them. Dr. Semir Osmanagic is the founder of the Bosnian Pyramids of the Sun Foundation, and as is to be expected from the man who started it all, its greatest supporter.

Is the pyramid complex near Visoko, Bosnia a hoax or a natural formation? Or is it hiding arcane knowledge, ancient relics, and extraterrestrial mummies? Although no one to this writer's knowledge has claimed the latter, the topic did come up in jest during an interview with the project leader of an ambitious crowdfunding campaign, writer and journalist J. Paul Roe.

"It could be nothing, or it could be a grave marker for all of the mysteries of the universe," says Roe of the Bosnian ruins. "I'm not saying it's either. The point is that it's a very interesting story and people are cut off from it because the media is afraid to touch it. Even if the pyramids are a complete hoax, that doesn't mean there's no educational or even entertainment value in this course of events."

That's the reasoning behind his team's campaign, now live on IndieGoGo, which is hoping to drum up the capital to send a small team to Bosnia to take photos, Skype with fans, and film a documentary. Roe also intends to launch a companion photoblog focused on the people in the town of Visoko. "Once again," he continues, "the validity isn't in question when it comes to the effect this has had on the people around it. That's something I want to explore and dig into. How were the people of Visoko impacted by this spiritually, economically? How does it feel to be told that you're living next to place of immense historical value, and then have the rest of the world chuckle and take it all away?"

Funding for the campaign will go primarily towards travel and post-production expenses, although the Third Phase Media Group will contribute towards provisioning the volunteers at the dig site once they arrive in Visoko. Although the IndieGoGo campaign offers a few possibilities of what will happen with funding if the goal isn't reached, Roe told us that his dedication to the project means that he will pursue it one way or another.

"Even if I end up paying entirely out of my own pocket and going alone, I want to see this through," he says. "People want to see this. They want to know more about it, so I have a lot of faith that we're going to get close enough to our crowdfunding goal to be able to go at it 100%."

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