Newly-Launched Webside Aggregates Political Polling Data will put polling data at the fingertips of the generic public, starting with the 2016 presidential election.
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Boston, MA ( January 25, 2016 - Political polls are a critical part of the democratic process, allowing Americans to quickly gauge public opinion regarding candidates for office, political viewpoints, and other important aspects of the nation's governance. Knowing the crucial nature of polling helps to explain why there are several major polling companies, as well as countless local and media-sponsored polls being conducted each year - but that knowledge does not help us sort through all of this data to efficiently draw conclusions.

That's where Steve Moilanen is stepping in to help. His new website is able to identify, aggregate, and publish political polls in real time. The site's interface is clean and simple, making it easy for users to view and understand data collected from dozens of independent sources.

"With Pollside, public opinion research will be, for the first time, a click away," say Moilanen of the project. "With the 2016 election around the corner, there's never been more interest in--and need for--a site like Pollside. We look forward to helping users navigate the election with our site and building out the platform rapidly from there."

Polling streams currently available on the website include Republican and Democratic National Primary, state caucuses, as well as favored presidential candidates across parties.

To explore this ambitious new website, please visit Pollside at

About Steve Moilanen

Steve is the CEO of Solstice Initiative, a social enterprise aimed at bringing solar power to the 90 million American households that cannot currently access it. He spent years developing energy policy on behalf of the White House Office Energy and Climate Change. Steve graduated magna cum laude from Brown University and holds a Master of Public Affairs degree from Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School.


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