Porkyplay, a new durable welfare product that has been proven to help reduce biting in pigs
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North Sydney, Australia (prHWY.com) November 22, 2017 - Porkyplay

BioMaster USA-July 15th, 2017

North Sydney, New South Wales Australia - Tawaho Management Services Limited is a trusted provider of environmental market development services. Located in North Sydney, New South Wales Australia; the company is proud to advise some of the most successful companies in Australia providing tailored solutions in environmental services and products with unsurpassed quality and reliability.

Building on the company's network of dedicated and experienced industry specialist with technical competence, like American company New Composite Partners, Tawaho is fully committed to being a reliable partner in delivering cutting edge environmental products and technologies and turning the knowledge of a global team into intelligent solutions for their clients to create value for them.

Tawaho Management Services continues to provide the highest level of service to their clients by expanding their offerings to stay ahead of the curve, maintaining a solid core of business in proprietary products and technologies which are marketed and sold directly to industry under private label. To that end, Tawaho is proud to offer Porkyplay, a welfare product for swine.

A content pig makes taster pork. This is because anxious pigs release more of the stress hormone cortisol, which affects the quality of meat. One of the main causes of stress is a lack of things to bite at, so stressed pigs are likely to start biting tails, and sometimes ears, of other pigs.

Porkyplay is a new durable welfare product that has been proven to help reduce biting in pigs.

Porkyplay is constructed using a renewable polymer material from New Composite Partners called Polymalin™ that is impregnated with Scentmaster products from Addmaster, the world's leading supplier of new additive technology, producing strong flavors and scents that are very appealing to the pig. The flavors and scents are uniquely encapsulated throughout the product so that as the animal becomes agitated and bites, the scent and flavor is released. I

n addition, Porkyplay distinguishes itself from other swine products as it is made with an antibacterial function called Biomaster, killing E.coli and MRSA bacteria.

Porkyplay can be joined together to give several variations of food grade colors and scents so that the pig has the idea of having a new toy when a different scent is used.

Porkyplay comes with a suspension chain specially designed with a hand welded ring 6 links from the bottom. This gives added interaction and sound for pigs.

Most importantly, Porkyplay supports the industry it is servicing as the product is made with renewable agricultural materials!

Other specific characteristics of Porkyplay are:
* Improved animal welfare
*Reduces animal biting and hierarchical fighting
*A unique design to give consistent pig interaction over a number of months
*Ideal for pigs from 6 weeks of age to mature sows

Porkyplay utilizes Polymalin™, a renewable polymer material "Made in America" offered by New Composite Partners. For more information on Porkyplay and other cutting edge products and technologies that Tawaho Management Services provides, contact them at +61 (0) 4-1444-2160 or by email at info@naturalcenter.co.nz


Tawaho Management Services Limited is an environmental market development company that provides professional services to the agricultural, commercial, institutional and industrial market segments throughout Australia. Headquartered in North Sydney, New South Wales, Tawaho takes great pride in providing technologies, products and services that impact the sustainability of client organizations.


New Composite Partners is a company built on the assumption that there is intrinsic value in producing tangible products and services for industry which promote environmental sustainability by utilizing renewable, biobased, and recycled feedstock. Located in Edgerton, Wisconsin; the company maintains a solid core of business in proprietary offerings working with industry partners in the development, promotion, marketing, and sale of renewable products which are "Made in America".


Biomaster USA is the North American office for Addmaster (UK) Ltd's unique antimicrobial silver ion technology, trademarked Biomaster as well as Scentmaster, a range of highly concentrated fragrance, flavor and deodorizing products. Formed in 2000, Addmaster was established to provide a revolutionary, technical resource center for plastics. The phenomenal success of this business model has enabled the company to expand this into other market sectors such as paint, paper, textiles and coatings. Addmaster is the world's leading supplier of new additive technology and to date has developed over 1200 products, many of which are now industry standards.


All information supplied by, on behalf of, or in relation to Porkyplay, Biomaster, ScentMaster or Polymalin™ environmental products, whether in the nature of date, recommendations or otherwise, is believed reliable. However Tawaho Management Services Limited, New Composite Partners, Biomaster USA, Addmaster or any of their parents, subsidiaries, divisions or affiliates assume no liability whatsoever in respect of application or use of the aforementioned information or products, or any consequence thereof. The user of these products undertakes all liability. The company recommends conducting real-world tests to verify the suitability of its products before using them in any application.

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