Total POM Bags for Life

Bags for Life, made with an inner lining that contains Biomaster antimicrobial agent.
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Sydney, Australia ( November 22, 2017 - Total POM Bags for Life

BioMaster USA- June 15th, 2017

Sydney, Australia - Corporate sustainability has emerged as a vital part of brand position for many companies. It's not only appealing to their customers, but it's also a smart fiscal policy. By using sustainable products or technologies, companies can reduce reliance on petroleum, promote good stewardship of our natural resources and reduce toxic substances in the environment.

The successful market deployment of a product or technology is about working together to achieve desired results. Whether it's adding to bottom line, being more efficient, improving quality or achieving aggressive growth targets, successful use of technology is a team effort.

4Technology Limited offers a number of proven products and technologies that enable our industry partners to achieve success in corporate sustainability. We provide tailored solutions utilizing our network of dedicated and experienced industry specialists with high technical competence. One such example is 4Technology teaming up with American company New Composite Partners to offer tangible environmental products and services for industry that promote environmental sustainability by utilizing renewable, biobased and recycled feedstock.

A result of this partnership, 4Technology Limited is pleased to announce the availability of biobased Bags for Life as part of the company's Total POM product line.

Did you know that one of the most common causes of food poisoning is cross contamination during your weekly shopping trip? Every year there are hundreds of thousands of cases of food poisoning caused by bacteria such as like E coli, Campylobacter, Salmonella, and Listeria.

Food safety researchers have discovered that 51% of reusable shopping bags contained harmful bacteria. In addition, dangerous bacteria can survive for up to 8 weeks in a reusable shopping bag and washing reusable bags will not kill all of the bacteria transferred to them by raw meat. For these reasons, reusable Bags for Life are made with an inner lining that contains Biomaster antimicrobial agent. Biomaster is a silver ion technology which binds to the cell wall of bacteria and disrupts their growth, protecting the bag lining from unwanted microorganisms that can cause unpleasant odors, discoloration and deterioration.

What is Biobased? Biobased products are both commercial and industrial products that are composed in whole, or in significant part, with biological products from renewable agricultural materials. Standard input materials used in industry have historically been almost completely made with non-renewable resources. Changing economic conditions and new science have combined to create a business opportunity in the manufacturing sector which allows us to create exciting new products like Bags for Life made with renewable resources! By using biobased products, you can reduce reliance on non-renewable resources and promote good stewardship of our natural resources. Now that's Total POM! What is Total POM? Total POM means "Total Piece Of Mind". The piece of mind that comes from using biobased products like Bags for Life, which contribute towards the betterment of the planet and makes the earth a better place to live for future generations to come!

Biobased Bags for Life are currently "Made in America" from the line of Total POM products offered by New Composite Partners. For more information on Bags for Life and other cutting edge products and technologies that 4Technology Limited provides, contact them at 011 +61 (02) 9922-7333 or by email at


4Technology Limited provides tailored solutions with products and services of unequaled quality, reliability and support to their customers throughout Australia. 4Technology's management team is comprised of industry veterans who have broad knowledge and experience with extensive networks which assist client businesses with their growth initiatives.


New Composite Partners isa company built on the assumption that there is intrinsic value in producing tangible products and services for industry which promote environmental sustainability by utilizing renewable, biobased and recycled feedstock. Located in Edgerton, Wisconsin; the company maintains a solid core of business in proprietary offerings working with industry partners in the development, promotion, marketing and sale of renewable products which are "Made in America".


Biomaster USA is the North American office for Addmaster (UK) Ltd's unique antimicrobial silver ion technology, trademarked Biomaster. Formed in 2000, Addmaster was established to provide a revolutionary, technical resource center for plastics. The phenomenal success of this business model has enabled the company to expand this into other market sectors such as paint, paper, textiles and coatings. Addmaster is the world's leading supplier of new additive technology and to date has developed over 1200 products, many of which are now industry standards.


All information supplied by, on behalf of, or in relation to Biomaster antimicrobial or Total POM products, whether in the nature of date, recommendations or otherwise, is believed reliable. However, 4Technology Limited, New Composite Partners, Biomaster USA, Addmaster or any of their parents, subsidiaries, divisions or affiliates assume no liability whatsoever in respect of application or use of the aforementioned information or products, or any consequence thereof. The user of these products undertakes all liability. The company recommends conducting real-world tests to verify the suitability of its products before using them in any application.

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