IndiePix Films Picks Up Award Winning Short 'The Crooked Eye'

Film Festival favorite "The Crooked Eye," starring Fay Masterson and Academy Award winner Linda Hunt, finds online distribution with IndiePix Films and DVD distribution through Amazon.
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Los Angeles, CA ( March 30, 2010 - IndiePix Films has picked up the award winning short film, "The Crooked Eye," for a three-year distribution deal, making it available for download on Part of the deal includes possible delivery via Apple's iTunes. "The Crooked Eye" will also be available for purchase on DVD via and

"The Crooked Eye" received a lot of buzz during its 2009 film festival run and won several awards, including Best Screenplay from the HDFest New York and Best Animated Short from the Red Rock Film Festival.

The film stars Fay Masterson (Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut," Robert Zemeckis' " Christmas Carol"), Katherine Boecher ("The Spy Next Door," "Supernatural") , D.C. Douglas ("Boston Common," "Criminal Minds") and Academy Award winner Linda Hunt ("The Year of Living Dangerously," "NCIS: Los Angeles"). D.C. Douglas also directed and adapted the screenplay from Betty Malicoat's short story of the same name.

The film chronicles a day in the life of Sharon (Fay Masterson) as she struggles with her recent divorce and its aftermath. Part live action, part animation, "The Crooked Eye" dreamily weaves between past and present, delicately painting a psychological portrait of a troubled woman.

In addition to this latest film short, Hit-The-Fan Productions is also releasing two previous film shorts: the award winning "Duck, Duck, GOOSE!" and "Freud And Darwin Sitting In A Tree". Both are now available for purchase on DVD or streaming online at and

The comedy farce "Duck, Duck, GOOSE!" has no explosions or boobies. Well, wait a minute... It does feature one boob named Jacob who longs to keep his ex-wife close-by for masochistic pleasure. There's also C.B., a nervous romantic with a hapless crush on an exotic burping beauty named Lizzie, who only wants to find a man with a mind like a woman, fall in love, and fly away to Paris.

"Duck, Duck, GOOSE!" stars Robin Daléa ("Miami Medical"), Bryan Cuprill ("Accidentally On Purpose") and D.C. Douglas. It features cameos from Lisa Long, Michael Cade, Diane Mizota, Courtenay Taylor and Bess Meyer. The original score is by Abraham Peraza and Lily Popova. It received several awards, including Best Short from the Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

The comedy "Freud And Darwin Sitting In A Tree" tells the story of Charlie and Gwen, who are madly in love. Unfortunately, everyone else is disgusted. A dysfunctional family comedy that pokes fun at unfounded historical taboos.

"Freud And Darwin Sitting In A Tree" stars Jamie Donahue ("The Dead Hate Living"), D.C. Douglas, Chayse Dacoda ("While You Were Out"), Reagan Wilks, Delaina Mitchell ("Vanilla Sky"), Larry Roop and the late Pamela Gordon ("Weird Science"). It was co-directed by Douglas and Wilks with an original score by David Zasloff.

To learn more about each film, view the trailers and find links to Amazon and IndieFlix, visit the production website.

To purchase a download version of "The Crooked Eye", visit - IndiePix Films and to purchase a DVD, visit -


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