New Technology Helps Small Business End Employee Misuse of Company Computers

Computer "key" keeps employees from wasting company time online and alerts owners to security threats.
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Tucson, AZ ( February 14, 2010 - Small business owners that are concerned with the issues of office productivity, liability and security can now more easily monitor and secure their office networks like their Fortune 500 counterparts. VeriKey is a new device that plugs into any USB port and, similar to a car key, must be in for employees to use the office computer. When VeriKey is in, a combination of content filters, activity recording and notifications are engaged that will inform employers when their office computers are being used for non-work related activities or when their office networks become vulnerable to hackers or other threats.

According to a recent study, U.S. employees waste an average of 1.8 hours a day on the internet updating social networking sites, engaging in personal correspondence and using the web for other non-work related activities. The problems these activities create for small businesses include loss of productivity, expensive computer repairs and issues related to liability and many of these unauthorized activities can create serious security issues for small businesses that are not as "locked down" as larger companies.

While there are other products and services that block websites and monitor employee activity, most of these solutions only address a very small part of the overall challenges and have been either too complicated or cost prohibitive for many small business owners.

VeriKey was developed by the team that created the award winning PG Key internet safety device to help parents deal with the issues that occur related to kids and the internet.

Following the successful design strategy that led to the development of PG Key, the creators consulted with security and business experts to create an easy and comprehensive solution to a problem that small businesses are facing daily.

Co-creator and founder Brian Lawson explains - "employees at large companies or government organizations have no expectation of privacy so they spend less time engaging in personal activities on the company computers. Many of the small business owners and managers we interviewed agreed and would like to use some of the same technologies, but expressed concerns about the costs and complexity."

In addition to time lost and other expenses created by employees misusing company computers, many small business owners have been the victims of employee theft or have concerns that they might be vulnerable. VeriKey can be set to create a recording of all employee computer activity so that an employer or manager can review using a simple media player interface. This "security camera" approach has proven to be a both a deterrent and a source of evidence when issues do occur.

VeriKey is available from the manufacturer's website


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