Shoes history and modern development

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ga, Tajikistan ( July 29, 2011 - Shoes history and modern development

I remember the beginning of mankind is not shoes

Shoes are so?
It is said that in ancient times, the way of the yellow emperor led hunting, met blizzard team.

They stand in the deep snow feet light have numb, can't move on.
In, sitting on a tree, Xing Roué, his own two feet also frozen ready to lose consciousness.In order to keep warm, activities in the two feet kept to a big tree pedal into, ding ah, ding ah.
Do not know how long he angrily, feel you in the foot pedal into the waters, seems to be At first, he didn't believe, how can the feet of the push into the waters? But he carefully a look, with the hand to touch,So this tree wood is soft. In the thought quickly and immediately mobilize all of you hand,
Put the cork tree down and cut into two feet long short section, each according to his feet, the size of the sword will knag empty,Go back to some hay in frontier fortress, wear on the foot, is loose, and warm. Walking although some inconvenience,
But after all the foot than light in the snow to walk a lot better. Less than half a day, more than 30 feet of hunting people all put on this with cork on the explanation.They no longer fear in snow and ice freezing cold feet.
From then on, they take the explanation that, shoes. Yellow emperor to Lei fathers said: "I hope bridge countries in the days of the subjects in dazing,, all feet have shoes."
Human wearing shoes also have been handed down from that time.

Footwear is an invention of necessity to protect us from the elements beneath. Over the years shoes have dramatically changed due to cultures and fashions. Footwear is under the influence of fashion.
When you purchase shoes the usual questions start emerging, what style? Size? Is it well made? These questions are important; a pair of shoes can have an overall effect on a person's health and happiness. Not only pain and discomfort can be brought on by the wrong shoes but headaches, backaches and leg cramps.
How Many Miles Do You Walk In A Lifetime?

Approximately a person will walk 70,000 miles in a lifetime, so it is important to purchase the correct shoes.The major importance is not to be tempted by the latest fashion, the may look good but are the comfortable. " You can tell a person by the shoes they wear "
Just think of those different styles, shapes, constructions, decorations Fashion in expressed in different ways gender, age, economic strata and social echelon of its wearer. Fashion can facilitate or hinder comfort health and ease of movement. It reflects cultural ritual, morality and sexual liberation. It responds to foreign influences, political turmoil, economic stability and artistic sensibility. It is made by the latest scientific developments and technological innovations. It is influenced by popular culture and leading personalities. Everything that shapes our world affects and inspires fashion and by looking at historical fashion within the context of when it was made we can understand how it came about.
Shoes where first named by the Greeks and later the Romans, who provided the root for many of our present day footwear styles, including socks, vandalism and mules (sock, sandal and mule). During the late Roman (Byzantine) empire, Christian morality deemed it sinful to expose the body. St Clement of Alexandria in the third century AD Preached humility for woman who showed their toes. Byzantine footwear covered the feet and shoes replaced the sandals that both men and women had worn for centuries. Not only these, there is movement, some athletes do not pay attention to them you have the shoes? LeBron James Shoes Just because LeBron James favorite kind of shoes to wear, people in his name to
Fashion began to change around 1600 as the barriers in dress distinction between classes started to break down. It became a commodity that was traded throughout Europe, remaining elitist through consumption, quality and extravagance. The working classes adapted high fashion into simpler modes using humbler materials and were only restricted by cost and practicality.

By the middle of the seventeenth century France had become a beacon of style for all of Europe to emulate. The excesses of baroque were indulged under Louis XIV, and the fashions and arts of France, favored by European nobility, spread throughout fashionable society. Suddenly there was an interest in high thin-heeled shoes, and by the 1760s English ladies had abandoned their sensible heels to take up the French curvaceous pompadour heel and later, in the 1770s, the Italian stiletto like heel.
There are many brands of shoes, sports ah, fashion, and leisure, which will provide the needs of modern society, then the style has changed dramatically, such as Nike shoes, we know it from the campaign began, and now they also offers Women's high heels, could not believe it, but people familiar with the brand, no matter what kind of change, people will always believe, and want to see the Nike Women's high heels?
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