Sports can exercise independent thinking

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ga, Tanzania ( July 29, 2011 - Golf sport needs competitors rely on himself, and think various situations on the course independently and make a judgment, including the condition of the green, the hitting way of next par. It?Amos a kind of sport that can effectively exercise capacity of thinking and judging independently.
In addition to precise skill, careful thinking and calm mind are needed to make correct decision. These can exercise opacity of thinking independently and make us face various difficulties' in study and lisle better.

Improve capacity of regulate emotion
In golf playing, transitory leading can not representative last victory and momentary lagging behind does?Oat mean whole lose. Before the end of the game, no matter what happened, golfers should learn to regulate his emotion to control the key to success. Golf accessories are also important.

It?Amos platform to share friendship and family joys
Recent years, more and more people realize the function of golf, expelling business affairs. Friends who have common favor often gather together awaking their golf equipment, discussing the skills, situations and emotions.
Lots of parents who are busy working choose holidays to play golf, taking children and elders. Though this fit-for-everyone sport, the distance of families is close and everyone can enjoy the joys brought by golf.

Steel the spirit of Aggressiveness
Gold is a sport who needs competitors challenge himself ceaselessly. it does not allow you to relax or abandon the slightest idea. Even though this par is mistaking, you need cheer up to remedy next par; even behind the opponent in this hole, you must be in confidence to catch up. In the whole game, you should have a positive attitude, and go ahead bravely.
We believe that as golf?Amos officially join into the Olympics, the community, including big companies enthusiastically support for the sport. And golf will be known, understood and loved by more people. More and more people through closely contact with golf can experience its fun and benefits.
One of the uninteresting things about how golf is scored is its rawness. There are no "style" points. So, as the scoring is now, somebody with ugly, jerky, even tortured-looking technique can "win" simply by getting the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes. How absurd, how... unrefined.

Let's look at a how it might be otherwise. What if player A did indeed have the lowest number of total strokes at the end of play, but when combined with a style score player B, who had more strokes, actually won the event by combining an excellent raw score with style and elegance? To me, that sounds like an improvement on the way things are now. Especially given the fact that luck is an undeniable factor in the game. We don't want this to be like rolling dice, do we? I mean, if player A can "win ugly" I'd rather not suffer the psychic damage from watching it.
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