Advisory Boards And Mentors For Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Just Went Virtual Provides Hi-Value Mastermind Networks, Business Training and Private Counseling via Video-Conferencing.
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MD, NY ( July 31, 2011 - Berlin, MD USA - July 25, 2011 -- Smart Company Growth CEO Karl Walinskas has worked with small businesses for 22 years, and is continually developing new tools to give small business owners the tools and value that large companies capitalize on but that commonly remain un-exploited by smaller firms and entrepreneurs.

Enter Walinskas recognized that many family-owned and bootstrapped businesses lack the guidance that comes from a classic business advisory board. He went back to a century-old practice used by business leaders called Masterminding, originally developed by Napoleon Hill in the business classic Think and Grow Rich. The depth of experience and mentorship that stems from a well-constructed Mastermind Group is a key reason that companies who take advantage of business networks or CEO forums--translation, Mastermind Groups--have traditionally outpaced the growth of competing firms by 15%, regardless of economic cycle.

"Larger companies build their internal Mastermind groups based upon their size and wealth of talent, talent that isn't ready made for the small business owner or entrepreneur," Walinskas says. "Not only that, but the traditional model of taking a hiatus for a weekend or even a day to travel and meet with a group, even in the same city, presents a time barrier for small company CEOs who simply can't afford that time away from their business on a regular basis."

Today's internet and video-conferencing technology makes it possible for collaborative Masterminding from the comfort of your home office, saving travel costs and time that small business owners just don't have. The talent pool of business executives is worldwide, providing diversity of members that aren't limited to a city or specific area.

" is for overworked business owners and entrepreneurs looking to do more than survive in the current recession, they're looking to thrive and realize their own business dreams," Karl says, "men and women who a stressed out, yet forward thinking enough to know that expert guidance from a proven network of peers or advisors can propel their businesses forward in just a few months' time." organizes diverse, non-competing business owners and entrepreneurs from the same business demographic unbounded by geographic constraints and arranges network meetings, interactive online training, and private coaching for members each month.

If you're curious about the concept of business masterminding, you can get a free video highlighting the Four Key Benefits of Mastermind Groups for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, and a PDF eBook copy of Think and Grow Rich simply by visiting the company website at

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