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Each day internet users come across differing file formats for videos that they download or want to play. Unfortunately, many of these videos are encoded in formats that may not play on the user's computer.
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Bellevue, CA ( September 28, 2011 - (Bellevue, CA, 09/25/2011) - The internet is a treasure trove of video files. Regardless of subject matter, regardless of quality, regardless of place of origin, the internet is awash with videos and movies. With that said, it s not the cinematic bonanza that it appears because many of these videos are encoded in formats that may not play in today's computers. Some were encoded a long time ago using long forgotten formats. To make matters worse, the codecs needed to run these videos may no longer exist or may not be easily available.

Choosing the right video conversion software

Thankfully, users could use video converter software to convert videos in an obscure format into a format that modern computers can easily play. However, video converter software varies greatly from one title to another. Many are packed with features that users may not need.

Guide based on particular needs, the internet's leading authority in software and consumer reference guides, has released a free reference guide for video conversion software at

"Our video conversion software guide is a needs-based guide. We wrote it to accommodate your particular needs and your particular situation. When it comes to converting videos, your needs may not necessarily be the same as your neighbor's. We positioned the guide so that consumers end up buying the software that is right for their particular situation," said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer for The most common problem that consumers face when buying software is the problem of feature bloat. These are pieces of software that are so packed with all sorts of capabilities that they may seem very attractive o the eye. However, if you are going to only be using maybe two of those features, you may have just wasted your money when less expensive software is available.'s software guide philosophy is to steer people towards the solutions that best fit their particular video conversion software needs. This prevents people from paying a premium for software bloat and also helps people avoid underpowered software.


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