Blows the Lid on SEO Spammers

Due to the tough global economic climate, many online businesses are looking at SEO or search engine optimization as their way of achieving profitability. Many scammers are using this vulnerability to defraud businesses all over the world. Ereviewg
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Bellevue, CA ( September 28, 2011 - (Bellevue, CA, 09/27/2011) - As the global economy continues to slumber along, many online businesses are looking towards online marketing as a way of drumming up business and generating more profits or higher income. Unfortunately most of these online businesses are not well versed in online marketing. Many are intimated by the term "search engine optimization," "search engine marketing," "PPC" and a whole host of other online marketing terms. This makes for a ripe situation for scammers and fraudsters.

Look for a legitimate SEO company

These unscrupulous companies would make all sorts of claims regarding their online marketing prowess and SEO effectiveness in targeting small business owners in America, Europe, Australia and Canada. These small business owners do not know any better so they sign on and are greatly disappointed. If you are lucky, you just lose out in opportunity cost. If you are unlucky, you lose both time and money that you could have used to get a legitimate SEO company to deliver real results.

How to avoid being a victim, the internet's leading free source of consumer and technology reference guides, has released a guide to help online business owners avoid getting victimized by SEO spam. The resource is located at

"SEO spam is fast proliferating. It is a much targeted form of spam because it specifically focuses on online business owners," said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer for SEO spam harvests business owner's emails from business forums, social network forums and other free and open websites where business owners advertise or try to network with other business owners. According to Thompson, "Many of these unscrupulous businesses use automated means to harvest your information and target you. A lot of the times, they use your own website to quickly get your contact information or to profile you." The come-ons that SEO spammers use often appeal to greed by pricing their prices very low. They seek to portray a good value. "The truth of the matter is if they are just scamming you, then they offer no value at all. Beware of low prices or beware of guarantees. Many of these offers are just too good to be true," said Thompson. Most SEO spam mails have a fake profile of the company purporting to show several years of experience and most are blatant in saying that they are based outside of the United States, Europe, Canada or Australia. As such, they often do this to avoid criminal prosecution due to violating spam loss.

"If you are looking for SEO services, make sure you do not sign on to these services through spammed ads. If you do this, you are just encouraging them in their unethical and unscrupulous behavior," said Thompson.


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