What is Mono? How long does Mono Last?

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Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia (prHWY.com) September 29, 2011 - What is mono actually? How long does Mono last? Within this article, you would know the cause of Mono, the length of incubation phase of this disease and how to cure Mono with natural home remedies. Basically, Mono or mononucleosis is caused by Epstein-Barr virus or EBV. This virus belongs to the herpes virus family. It makes the number of mononuclear cells increase. There is one interesting fact about Mono. Sometimes, Mono is also called as kissing disease or glandular fever. Mono can affect any stage, from babies to adults. However, teenagers tend to have higher risk of having Mono than the other age stages.

There are several symptoms of Mono. Generally, Mono causes fatigue, fever, sore throat, sore muscle, headache, and malaise. In addition, Mono also causes the spread of viral through the secretion at the face, nose, eyes and mouth. How long does Mono last? The incubation time of this disease is between four to seven weeks until the symptoms appear. During the incubation period, the patients do not realize that they are attacked by this disease. The symptoms of Mono can happen between two weeks to four months. It is also possible that the patients have to deal with Mono for a longer time.

After you know the answer of how long does Mono last, you have to know about the medications. There are some natural home remedies to cure Mono. Here are some useful tips for you. Cranberry juice can help a lot. It get rids of the batteries from our body. Drink a lot of water and Cranberry juice. Echinacea would also help you to overcome the fever caused by Mono. Meanwhile, garlic and olive leaf extract are effective to increase the immunity. You would be able to get rid Mono with the help of the home remedies.

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