Limewire - The Peer To Peer File Sharing Program

Limewire is software of peer to peer file sharing. It can run on various operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
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Lubbock, TX ( September 29, 2011 - Limewire is software of peer to peer file sharing. It can run on various operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. This Gnutella based program helps you to connect with the computer of your friends and download different types of files. Lots of people have used Limewire to get their favorite movies and music. The software was available in both purchasable as well as free version. Limewire developed into one of the largest programs of peer to peer file sharing. However a judgment of the federal court has forced Limewire to stop all of their activities. This happened as it was claimed that Limewire allowed the illegal sharing of innumerable materials that are copyrighted.

It is quite easy to use Limewire. After you download you can connect to the network. Then Limewire will help you in searching. A search string can help you find out what you are looking for. Due to limited search, some time may be taken by the program to locate what you are exactly searching. Trojans and viruses are also harbored by Limewire and immediately after downloading you can scan all the downloaded files with the help of your anti-virus. After you download any file with the help of Limewire it is extremely important to scan it for viruses.

Both torrent files as well as basic files can be downloaded with the help of Limewire. Bit torrent helps you in downloading the large files quite fast by sharing it among several users. Limewire also permits downloading of bit torrent files. You are safe if you download the lawful files with the help of Limewire. It is possible to trace the files that are downloaded by Limewire. So you can get caught if you engage in unlawful file sharing with the help of Limewire.

An injunction was issued in 2010 by the judge Kimba Wood of the United States Federal Court that forced Limewire to stop illegal file trading and downloading. Due to the injunction the latest versions of the Limewire are disabled. However you can still use the older versions of the Limewire. It has been claimed that Limewire was damaging the revenues of various organizations. This company will be put on trial for compensating several businesses that suffered financial loss due to Limewire. This program has more than fifty million users. If you want then you can also uninstall Limewire from your computer by going to the add/remove option of the control panel in Windows.

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