The Most Expensive Cell Phones

When people are talking about cell phones, most of them usually would talk about regular brands with regular label tags
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Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia ( September 29, 2011 - When people are talking about cell phones, most of them usually would talk about regular brands with regular label tags. But here's a list of most expensive cell phone that most people wouldn't even fill to exist:

10. Nokia Lamborghini 8800 Sirocco. No imprint mentioned.
The phone comes like other regular phones but it near with the label from Lamborghini and other features from Lamborghini.

9. Gold Edition Nokia 8800. Price: $2,700
It's actually impartial the same as other Nokia 8800 products, but the casing is made of gold.

8. Motorola V220 Special Edition. Price: $51,800
The phone was designed by Peter Aloisson, the well-known Austrian designer. It comes with the originate of 1200 diamonds on the panel and also 18 carats of gold for the keyboard.

7. Vertu Diamond. Price: $88,000
The phone comes with diamonds all around the body and 8 carats of diamonds on the keypad. The body also comes with platinum and ruby. Surprisingly, about 200 models of this phone has been sold out.

6. iPhone Princess Plus. Price: $176,400
It's also designed by Peter Aloisson. The casing has all diamond chop in princess slice on it. It uses 17.75 carats diamond and 18 carats white gold.

5. VIPN dusky Diamond Smartphone. Price: $300,000
It uses titan and polycarbonate for the body and then decorated with diamonds. The phone was designed by Jaren Goh.

4. Vertu Signature Cobra. Price: $310,000
It comes with one carat of diamond, two carats of diamond with pear sever compose, two emeralds, and 439 rubies. The phone totally uses 21 carats of both diamonds and rubies. It was made by a jeweler from French, Boucheron. Until now, there are only 8 products of this phone ever made.

3. Diamond Crypto Smartphone. Price: $1.3 million
It comes with platinum hide and 50 diamonds. 8 of them are blue diamonds that are rare. It also comes with 18 carats rose gold.

2. GoldVish Le Million. Price: $1.3 million
The phone comes with WS1 diamonds and 18 carats white gold.

1. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme. Price: $3.2 million
The phone comes with 271 grams solid gold, 200 diamonds, and 53 gems. It also comes with decoration from Kashmir gold and granite.

Cell phones were originally designed and created for communicative purpose only. But with the advancement of technology and also jewelries, it's possible that cell phones are now a share of fashion industry as well.

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