Drug Treatment Options Expanding To Help A Wider Audience Of Drug Abusers

For decades, when it came to treating a substance abuse issue, most people believed that the famed 12 step approach was the only route to healing
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----, ID (prHWY.com) September 29, 2011 - September 27, 2011 - For decades, when it came to treating a substance abuse issue, most people believed that the famed 12 step approach was the only route to healing, but in recent times this approach has shown to be ineffective for many people. Part of the problem is that the 12 step approach relies on a belief in a 'higher power' that smacks of religion and can be a major block to healing for those who are not of religious persuasion. In the United States, some variation of Christianity is almost always the dominant local religion so this means that those who are from other religious paths may feel excluded or, worse yet, as if they are being converted to a religion that is not right for them. Towards this end, there has been a surge in non 12 step drug rehabs that offer a different approach to helping those with a substance abuse be able to gain back control over their own lives. The programs have shown a high level of effectiveness and that they can work for those who do not feel inclined to turn towards religious beliefs in order to find peace. This marks a new era in drug treatment where more people feel included and are more likely to seek out help.

For the friends and family members of those who have found help with these new programs, the relief is indescribably great. Some addicts had tried various programs for years but had trouble dealing with faith as a means to stay clean versus the techniques and help they were able to receive in a non 12 step drug rehab that could break through to them. By exploring their options, many have discovered that the right program for them really was out there and that they could change their lives in a way that worked for them and keep their transformation. Science has shown many new ways to battle the power that drugs have over people's lives and with the right kind of approach, anyone is now able to break free of the chains of addiction with or without the religious element that can be so troubling for some.

To learn more about the treatment options out there for those who would prefer to avoid the 12 step approach, visitors should head to http://www.non12steprehabs.org today. The site offers a full range of options and information to help those who struggling with addictions as well as those who care about them.


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