Animal Kindness Awards Standardizes National Program on LeadMaster Cloud Computing Solution

The LeadMaster platform enables fundraising and donor relationship management for the Animal Kindness Awards organization.
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Roswell, GA ( October 13, 2010 - LeadMaster a leading provider of software-as-a-service sales lead management and CRM software announces the Animal Kindness Awards organization has successfully deployed LeadMaster for fundraising and donor relationship management.

"Animals need help desperately but who are the champions for animals? We are," said John Chmela, Managing Director of the Animal Kindness Awards Organization ( "We have defined a plan contained in a new document called the "Animal Kindness Act" which we plan to present to the President of the United States in 2011. The key points are:
1. We must take responsibility as a nation and educate our children to care for animals.
2. We must take financial responsibility to care for every animal born into this country.
3. We must reverse the trend of paying for spay/neuter by paying doctors and animals-owners to spay/neuter animals.
4. We must encourage (not discourage) our citizens to care for animals...with incentives.
5. We must enact and enforce laws that protect our animals.
6. We must call-out those who take leadership roles in the fight, and recognize them with all the pomp and circumstance of a ticker-tape parade or the Oscars.

These are lofty goals. To succeed, we need animal-lovers everywhere to unite and fight for this cause. Our charity must identify every single organization nationwide that is currently involved. We want to register their contact information and categorize each by discipline. We must make this information available to everyone who supports our cause as a reference and to add new supporters as they come along. Millions of lives will be lost every single year if we fail."

Using donated licenses of LeadMaster, the Animal Kindness Awards organization is realizing improved interaction with its constituents. The LeadMaster solution also helps with online marketing for the development of donors. The LeadMaster cloud computing technologies enable the Animal Kindness Awards organization to spend more time working on their cause of defending and supporting animals and less time and money on complicated on-premise software. LeadMaster was selected because The Animal Kindness Awards organization required custom functionality and wanted a system that was easy to manage and configure. Volunteers are productive on the system from day one.

Chmela went on to say, "I have a sign hanging directly over my desk that reads 'If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes.' When I hung that sign, it never occurred to me that one day, that I would be volunteering to take a leadership role in advocating for dogs, nor did occur to me that a company called LeadMaster would play a pivotal role in getting us there. We looked long and hard to find a cloud computing solution to handle our recruitment and registration requirements. Only LeadMaster could do everything we needed without introducing unnecessarily complications."

The LeadMaster custom forms feature provides the Animal Kindness Awards organization a tracking mechanism for all interaction with their constituents. The customized LeadMaster solution provides a comprehensive view of the Animal Kindness constituents, whether they are donors, volunteers, corporate sponsors, presenters, judges, entertainers, celebrities or press. By having all constituent information in the LeadMaster online system volunteers have an easy time organizing and coordinating the wide variety of participants in the upcoming gala.

About The Animal Kindness Awards Organization

Animal Kindness Awards are presented annually by an alliance of like-minded organizations throughout the North America who share a common defend and support animals. The awards ceremony will feature the presentation of twenty (20) unique awards to honorable laureates who have distinguished themselves through demonstrations of extraordinary kindness to animals. Winners will be determined by an independent judging coalition consisting of some of the most accomplished and respected animal advocates in the world. Judging takes place through secret ballots which are tabulated by an established auditing firm which maintains absolute secrecy until the moment the presenters open the sealed envelopes at the Animal Kindness Awards gala event.

The event will be held at the Harborside Event Center in Fort Myers, Florida in April 2011. Finalists will appear in person. Nationally recognized celebrities will present the awards at this historic inaugural gala event. Performances by prominent artists will also add to the evening's festivity. Seating is limited and by invitation only. It is a black tie event.

There is a sharp rise in numbers of unwanted domestic animals facing animal cruelty and neglect compounded by the current economic status. Environmental damage (most recently in the Gulf of Mexico) continues to threaten and take the lives of our wildlife every day. To honor those on the front lines--fighting to protect our animals, we present the Animal Kindness Awards...a gala event whose time has finally come.

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Animal Kindness Awards | 1105D E Cape Coral Pkwy, Cape Coral, FL 33904

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