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Many homeowners haven't realized that a few precautionary measures is all it takes to keep their home safe and avoid filing insurance claims.
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Columbus, OH ( April 19, 2010 - Many homeowners haven't realized that a few precautionary measures is all it takes to keep their home safe and avoid filing insurance claims. While homeowners insurance is a good thing, filing claims frequently only results in homeowners having to pay higher premiums. Insurance companies consider those that make frequent claims are 'high risk' customers, prompting them to increase their homeowner's insurance quotes. in a recent article, "Filing Home Insurance Claims," recommended several steps that homeowners can take to reduce premiums and ensure successful filing of a homeowner's insurance claim.

According to Alex, spokesperson for, "Homeowners need to be aware that disasters leave people with hardly any time to react to the situation. Having a fire extinguisher within reach can help a home from being wrecked. Including safety features such as hurricane shutters, durable roofing material, storm doors will prevent loss to property and life in the event of a storm." Alex also reiterated the fact that insurance providers are most likely to reduce premiums when they see the maximum number of safety measures in place. This also makes any claim process easy to handle.

The article released by, "Filing Home Insurance Claims", features sound advice on how to document personal property and any damages that may occur in the event of a mishap. It is important that a homeowner's insurance claim be filed immediately in order to ease the claims process. Contacting a homeowner's insurance agent will help determine what the homeowner needs in order to file a claim.

The article also advises homeowners on how to assess damage and document it with photographic and video evidence. Documenting damage caused to rooms, walls, personal belongings, garages, is essential. The best thing to do is separate damaged and undamaged belongings thereby making the insurance claims adjusters' task easier.

The danger of theft, natural disasters, and fire always looms over any home. With the right guidance, homeowners can adopt safety measures that will help them save on homeowner's insurance premiums. Moreover, it is essential for homeowners to understand the process involved in filing a homeowner's insurance claim. Without doubt, repairs that can result from damages to a home can cost a fortune, and a serious financial strain on any homeowner that is already plagued with mortgage and other payouts. Remember, a sound homeowner's insurance policy and knowledge of the claims process is the redeeming feature in any situation if mishaps occur. offers valuable tips and tools to help homeowners save on insurance and receive affordable insurance quotes.


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