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A disaster is any occurrence of unwanted or undesirable activity causing widespread destruction and distress. So, as it causes a huge destruction we need to recover from the disasters.
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California, CA ( November 15, 2010 - A disaster is any occurrence of unwanted or undesirable activity causing widespread destruction and distress. So, as it causes a huge destruction we need to recover from the disasters. There were emergencies, disasters and undesirable conditions that make the disaster recovery industry in existence. Now there are many disaster recovery policies or companies. According to scientists who study global warming, these are just a few of the natural disasters predicted in the years ahead. While we may not be able to stop disasters from occurring, disaster recovery expert "Steve Slepcevic" says better preparation will help us survive and recover.

Steve Slepcevic is the president and founder of Paramount Disaster Recovery, Inc., a leading nationwide disaster response and recovery contracting company. Paramount Disaster Recovery, Inc. founded by Steve Slepcevic in year 1989, headquarters located at 27520 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 178, Palo Verdes, California 90274. Paramount has various offices located across United States. Since 1989, Paramount has completed over 2,000 disaster restoration projects nationally. Steve Slepcevic's company Paramount Disaster Recovery, Inc's team includes licensed contractors, a capable staff of providing better construction management services, good certification standards, structural engineers, and architects who have experience in identify the structural and hazardous material problems that can make insurance claim. Paramount Disaster Recovery Inc. funded by Steve Slepcevic has a deep hand in natural disaster handling. Paramount Disaster Recovery is very popular in United States, gets a lot of satisfied clients and known for having the best construction solutions.

Steve Slepcevic recommends a few simple steps to avoid or can minimize the possibility of domestic disaster. It includes a periodic roof inspection and the clearing of scuppers and gutters to avoid roof collapse before winter approaches. According to Paramount Disaster Recovery survey "There are over 3,000 roof collapses each year in the U.S., resulting in over 20 deaths and a widespread disruption of many business operations.Steve Slepcevic has more than 25 year's experience in the disaster reconstruction industry. Since 1989 Steve Slepcevic has completed thousands of projects with the goal of getting their clients fully restored and rebuilt through the client's insurance companies.

There are so many insurance companies are in this business only for collecting premiums, not paying claims and to do so they tend to undercut their policyholders claims. So you have to choose a true disaster recovery company by doing care on following things before going to deal with them:-
* A Disaster Response Company seeks to take care of the client. They are companies which seek to know the client, their facility, how they do business, which they are responsible BEFORE the unfortunate takes place and advice the appropriate steps to be taken. Just as a good Doctor does blood work, evaluates blood pressure, weight and family history in order to take the best care of their patient, same as this the professional disaster response company, 'Paramount Disaster Recovery Inc.'will seek to gather information in order to take care of that client. and try to give their best to the client so the client can recover from the disaster.

* Steve Slepcevic's team works within the disaster plan of the client. It offers training to the client and also to them those who are responsible for, so that make them prepare for what to expect and what to do in case of an unfortunate situation. But a reactionary company will not seek to educate the clients and not instruct them so that they could be prepared themselves and make prepared their staff also to quickly jump on a bad situation, therefore limiting the scope of the loss.

* Steve Slepcevic understands and utilizes the proper equipment and knows the actual science of drying processes. In many cases a disaster reactionary incident driven company will jam as much equipment as they can into a situation in order to gain a greater profit and not concern themselves with educating a client. The more the client does not know the more chances for the company to make extra money. Like: Ozone, desiccants, air movers, air scrubbers, inject-dry, ultra violet and high heat dryers are just a few items that are misused by companies only to make more money. The client may think that these pieces of equipment are helping them, but in fact it could be hurting and costing them more in unnecessary costs.

Industry Standards and Certifications:

Mostly storm chasers will not have the adequate certifications that are there for specialists. The IICRC, which is the governing body for this Disaster Response Industry, has set up strong courses and certifications in order to keep the standards of care to the client high and can give the maximum recovery claims to the clients. Many storm chasers claim that they are certified in special disasters like water damage, mold remediation, but in fact there is no certification that they possess. A true Disaster Response Company will have the necessary certifications within the areas where they are providing services or in which they have specialty. A true disaster response company will always layout the certifications to the client before something takes place, and will also seek to teach the client to make them self prepared for any disaster or unfortunate. 'Paramount Disaster Recovery Inc. cover all the industry standard and certifications.


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