Sacred Sites of the World: Maya Palenque and Sun Temple Konark

There are a great many sacred sites around the world that have over time told the stories and been the birthplace of a great many religions all over the world.
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Norcross, GA ( December 2, 2010 - There are a number of sacred sites that can be cited considering the fact that there are so many thousands of religions all over the world. Add to that the statistic that religions are being formed even today as they were being in the ancient days, and you know that there are a lot many sacred sites all over the world. Talking of ancient religions from around the world, one of the earliest religions and cultures that flourished was that in ancient Egypt. One of the most important sacred sites in the world is the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.This valley was the site of a number of tombs being constructed between the sixteenth and eleventh century BC, and is located in the Theban Hills, to the West of the River Nile.All of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, as the name suggest belong to the royal families that ruled over the region in the ancient ages. Today, it is considered an important World Heritage Site. This site is one that is today not only important from the point of view of religion but also from the point of view of historical importance and Maya palenque.

Another one of the historical sites is the Sun Temple Konark.This important site is a magnificent expression of the temple architecture of Orissa, in India. It is also considered amongst the most brilliant of structures in the modern religious world. The Sun Temple Konark was a creation made in the time of King Narasimhadeva it came to be created in the thirteenth century. This temple was built in commemoration of Surya, the name of the sun god. Surya had been a revered god right since the time of the Vedas, the earliest part of Indian religious history. What makes this one of the most beautiful sacred sites in India is the fact that there is so much detailing and designing done to this place. The architecture seen in this temple is one that is observed in a great many other Indian temples.For more information log on to our website


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