FastVision Unveils the Fast-Xl Framegrabber

Latest High-Speed Framgrabber Offers Users the Quickest Image Data Acquisition
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Nashua, NH ( December 5, 2010 - Nashua, NH - The latest Fast-XL Framegrabber released by FastVision is the leading industry tool for fast image capture and fast image processing. The Fast-XL provides an easy full speed off-the-shelf interface with the FastVision Camera Series. This next generation product offers many enhancements to the traditional medical, military and manufacturing high speed camera and framegrabber applications in a growing number of industries.

"We are very excited to offer our customers this new advance in high speed, digital imaging technology," said Dr. Joseph Sgro, founder and CEO of FastVision. "The newest Fast-XL framegrabber works to enhance our already powerful FastVision Camera Series. This new product will revolutionize the way fast image processing is done by increasing bandwidth, speed and productivity."

The Fast-XL Frame grabber is best suited for OEMs and End Users who anticipate a demand for extreme I/O requirements or higher bandwidth for FastVision's FastCamera 13 and FastCamera 40 series CMOS cameras in a cost effective platform configurations. The Fast-XL is an AT length PCI board with 80 bit Camera Link Channels which provides input for the newest high speed cameras.

Features of the Fast-XL Framegrabber include raw PCI form factor board with 1-4 GB dedicated high speed DDRAM for sustained real-time onboard storage, ability to collect data from up to 80 Bits of asynchronous Camera (channel) Link channels, PCI Bus interface with 32 bit downward compatibility and much more.

As an addition to the FastVision Camera Series, the Fast-XL enchases the many features of this fast vision system. Among the unique features of FastVision's FastCamera Series products are unparalleled in-camera memory for processing or storage, large programmable FPGA for custom, in-camera applications, lossless real-time, in-camera image compression of 1.5 - 2:1 for reduced download overhead and storage and lossy JPEG real-time in-camera compression which enables 20-30 seconds of storage, real-time USB 2.0 or basic camera link download using PCMCIA cards.

To learn more about the new Fast-XL Framegrabber and to research other fast vision technology, visit

About FastVision, LLC
The FastCamera Series of Cameras and systems are the initial realizations of the concept of high-speed mega pixel digital camera systems, based on CMOS imagers. FastVision cameras have a high-speed, scalable, integrated FPGA and memory subsystem which enables stand-alone high speed in-camera image processing. When integrated with a high powered framegrabber/coprocessor board, or a host subsystem, the resulting system capabilities can be expanded according to the compute needs of the user. In addition, the subsystem can be integrated with the newest disk technology to allow sustained real-time data acquisition to hard disk. For more information, go to or call 603.891.4317.


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