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"The Divot Genie is fantastic it has helped keep my game smooth and save my back"
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California, CA ( May 17, 2012 - Divot Genie is a revolutionary new product designed especially for golfing enthusiasts. It solves the problem of ball marks on the greens. The product repairs without the user having to bend down and strain their back. The Divot Genie magnetically fits conveniently on the user's putter and eliminates the hassle of having to spend time fiddling with tools to repair marks on the greens. It is quick and easy to use without the hassle of many similar tools. It also does not damage the grass and puts everything back to its place naturally.

It is the first and only magnetic/removable ball mark repair tool. Simply put the divot genie in your pocket when it's time to make your put. The ball mark is always repaired correctly, without damaging the underground root system of the grass. Additionally, when you are not using the Divot Genie to repair ball marks you can use it for a holder for your irons or a cigarette/cigar holder.
All you do is simply tap up and down on the ball mark you wish to repair. This lets the earth and grass fall into place naturally. You then remove the divot Genie tool and smooth the mark with the sole of the putter. The grass will not be destroyed or damaged and will grow back evenly and quicker. This makes divot repair easy and does not put strain on the back of the user.
The Divot Genie is just one of many golf related products being offered by the company. Although this product is new we are an established company that has been manufacturing in the golf Industry for over 20 years. The company is looking to partner with distributors and wholesalers that are willing to show the product to their customers. Please contact sales manager, Michael Higgs if interested.


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