Sweepstakes in an Alien Culture

Adult Pomo residents are able to enjoy a wide variety of different industries surrounding everyone's favorite item: sweepstakes
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Seattle, WA (prHWY.com) May 31, 2012 - In the far away galaxy of Clomo, there resides a planet that bustles with activity. A fully self supporting entity, the planet of Pomo uses sweepstakes in a unique way unlike any ever seen before or since.

Nicknamed the "Sweepstakes Planet," Pomo takes that honor quite seriously. Everything on the planet revolves heavily around the use of sweepstakes. From the time the aliens are born, they are dressed in clothing fashioned from discarded sweepstakes entries. The aliens of Pomo are nothing if not resourceful when it comes to using, and reusing, sweepstakes in any way imaginable.

When school aged alien children go to their local schools, they take extensive courses designed to teach an array of tips and techniques for winning their favorite sweepstakes.

"My favorite class is my Sweepstakes for Mutants class," tiny Tootie Pomo piped up. "It's fun to compete against my classmates for the chance to win the sweepstakes, even if it is all just a game. It really brings out my claws and fangs when I try to best everyone else."

Adult Pomo residents are able to enjoy a wide variety of different industries surrounding everyone's favorite item: sweepstakes. From manufacturing them to thinking of new and ingenious ways of using old ones to stuffing envelopes with them, being surrounded by the wonderful scents and sights of a range of sweepstakes is what makes happy aliens that leap from their beds each morning eager to start off another day on the job.

Items made from sweepstakes for the home abound. Pomo residents dry off with sweepstakes towels after showering and use sweepstakes toilet tissue in the restroom. All clothing for each member of the family is made from glorious sweepstakes.

Getting paid with special sweepstakes currency is the highlight of a Pomo residents life.

"I just love it when I get my sweepstakes pay each week!" gushed a newly minted employee of the latest sweepstakes factory, Paca Pomo. "I'm planning to save my sweepstakes bucks to buy myself a laser pack that I've been wanting since I was a small alien. I will be all the envy of my fellow aliens!"

The only glimmer of discontent is when residents of Pomo travel to other planets. It is sometimes difficult for them to bargain with other civilizations due to their unique reliance on sweepstakes for everything. They find other aliens just don't have the same respect for sweepstakes as they do.


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