ECIG Express Announces New Electric Cigarette Products Customers May Buy

Customers that prefer to refill their cartridges will be purchasing bottles of e-Juice.
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Blaine, WA ( January 7, 2011 - UNITED STATES, Washington (December 2010) - ECIG Express announces new electric cigarette products for customers to buy. These products include various electric cigarette options as well as accessories.

ECIG Express offers over 400 new electric cigarette products to buy which provides a wide range of choices for customers. One product customers may buy is a double pack automatic electric cigarette. This product features a rechargeable electric cigarette which comes with 2 automatic batteries. Also included are 2 USB chargers and 2 cartomizers. This electric cigarette double pack comes in two different flavors a customer may select. Menthol or regular high flavors are the two choices.
For customers who already have an electric cigarette and only need to buy cartomizers, these products are sold by ECIG Express. Cartomizers are sold in packs for the electric cigarette and come in either regular high or menthol high flavors. Cartomizers are used in electric cigarettes because they provide the nicotine and flavor for smokers.

As not all products use disposable cartomizers, ECIG Express offers other products which provide the nicotine. Customers that prefer to refill their cartridges will be purchasing bottles of e-Juice. The most popular e-Juice flavors are Tobacco, Menthol, and 555. Tobacco resembles full flavor cigarettes, Menthol is a minty type flavor, and 555 is a tobacco with nutty undertones. Electric cigarette users will add juice into the electric cigarette cartridge when the cartridge is low. This is an economical way to use an electric cigarette. ECIG Express sells a wide variety of e-juice products which come in various flavors.

ECIG Express offers various other products on its secure website. All the products listed for a customer to buy may be used with a particular type of electric cigarette. Not all electric cigarettes are the same and ECIG Express features several different kinds of electric devices. Each of these devices are designed and sold to meet customer needs and satisfaction. This information can be found on the website of ECIG Express. Each product offers distinct benefits in its use and this information can help customers decide which kind of electric cigarette to buy.

ECIG Express focuses on customer service and guarantees satisfaction on many purchases. Their customer service line is prompt, responsive, and helpful in meeting customer requests. They offer a massive inventory display that is guaranteed to be in stock if the item can be added to one's shopping cart. ECIG Express can be contacted easily by toll free number, online chat, and email. For these reasons, many customers use ECIG Express to buy their products for an electric cigarette.

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