A New Generation Online Auction Platform Launched at BidHere.com

BidHere.com is announces its brand new auction platform to cope with ever increasing consumer demands on its services. BidHere's new auction site is packed with features that offer unparalleled online bidding approach and entertaining shopping
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NY, NY (prHWY.com) August 1, 2012 - New York, NY, July 31, 2012 -- BidHere penny auctions has tied up with several new brands to bring its customers the ultimate value for money. BidHere now auctions over 50 different brands and over 1000 products every single day. Brands like Apple, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Gucci, Cartier, Omega, Rolex, Wii, PlayStation, and many more are put on auction. Thousands of people win these popular products for fraction of their retail price.

Dozens of penny auctions pop up every week, but BidHere stands out of the crowd for several reasons. BidHere takes pride in serving its customers. It continuously develops new features to better connect with its audience.

Some of the key features BidHere offers:

Free login bids every day

This is something unique to the penny auction. Only BidHere.com offers its members free login bids every single day.

Free bids when you verify your phone number

To minimize fraud and maximize user authentication, the company has recently implemented a SMS verification technique. BidHere offers free bids to each of its member to simply verify their phone number with them. This helps BidHere offer a much lower level of fraudulent accounts and ensure fair bidding for every member.

Coupon Codes

BidHere offers multiple coupon codes to its members when they sign up, log in, buy bids, buy products, or upgrade their memberships. These coupon codes give heavy discounts on BidPack purchases, and free bids.

Exchange your wins for bids

Only BidHere offers its users to simply exchange their won item for bids. For example; you are a member and won a iPod Shuffle at BidHere. You do not need the iPod Shuffle because you already own it. In this case, BidHere will let you exchange your iPod Shuffle for bids worth the retail price. It`s a perfect way for people to accumulate bids by winning cheaper products that winners do not need.

Buy Now Auctions

BidHere has pioneered the "buy it now" auctions in the industry. Penny auctions in its early days were not this innovative. People would use their bids to try and win the products, if they didn't win, they would lose their money. BidHere took am innovative approach to bridge this gab. Buy Now Auctions are most common type of auction on BidHere, so the members do not feel scammed. Customers have the right to purchase the item anytime during the auction. Bids placed on such auction will be used towards discount during the purchase.

Sell your won items on BidHere

BidHere's new platform allows its users to sell their won items on BidHere Auctions. It`s a perfect way to make cash, and get bargains, both at the same time.

BidHere's Referral Program

More and more online businesses have realized the importance of awarding their members. BidHere's Referral Program awards its members like no other website. It is a simple, easy to understand and implement. Most importantly, it is rewarding. Members who sign up on BidHere.com receive their own unique referral id. Member with the most number if signups wins thousands of dollars worth of products on top each month.

Premium Membership

BidHere has introduced Premium Membership which gives even better deals on the website. Premium membership comes with loads of goodies: 750 free bids each month, free shipping on all items, $0 tag price on won items, 16 buy now allowance every month and more. BidHere runs also exclusive Premium Members Only Auctions where competition is not as fierce giving the members better chances of winning. Premium Membership saves on an average of $25,000 annually for the members.

Superior Fraud Detection

Penny auction websites have risen in popularity within the last years. As a business, every website has a responsibility towards its members. It is their duty to protect its members from fraudulent users. BidHere has invested a lot of resources into perfecting this. BidHere's smart platform identifies fraudulent activities automatically and blocks them. Multiple accounts, auto bid bots, group of users trying to beat the systems are automatically covered at BidHere. On top of this, BidHere has at least 5 of its staff members watching each auction 24 hours a day making sure auctions are run fairly and transparently.

About BidHere

BidHere.com, Inc. is an international online auctions company committed to bringing the top rated brands to the customers, whilst also making the whole shopping experience fun and enjoyable. Thousands of items are auctioned every day at http://www.bidhere.com. BidHere is founded in 2009 in Australia, and at present time headquartered in New York, USA.

Contact :
Rick Day
Bidhere.com, Inc.
1120 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036, USA
+1 917 267 7472


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Press Release Contact
Rick Day
Bidhere.com, Inc.
1120 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036, USA
+1 917 267 7472

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