Building Muscle for Skinny Guys: Vince DelMonte Helps Men Bulk Up

Skinny guys often have trouble building muscle -- just ask renowned trainer Vince Delmonte, who teaches skinny men how to gain muscle. Delmonte's strategy is focused on minimizing time in the gym and maximizing the results.
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Chicago, IL ( March 14, 2010 - Looking in the mirror, Bret didn't like what he saw: "I often felt that when people sized me up, I seemed weak and powerless." Lucky for him, trainer Vince DelMonte came along and whipped him into shape.

At 5'9" and 165 lbs of pure muscle, Bret says he walks down the street with more confidence: "I feel like people notice me now, which I didn't really feel before."

Like Bret, there are quite a few guys who simply have trouble packing on the lean muscle mass. Vince DelMonte, who has a decade of experience training skinny guys, says that it's a combination of genetics, hormones and lifestyle.

DelMonte lays out a few rules for bulking guys up below:

1) Don't spend all day in the gym.

Weight lifting is a calorie expensive activity and you need all the calories you can get at this point. If you are burning it up in the gym every single day, you won't grow. Many skinny guys try to overcompensate in the gym, and it actually ends up hurting them. Don't overdo the sets, or you will end up losing out.

2) Abandon isolated exercices

Isolated exercises target just one muscle group, like bicep curls or tricep extensions. Skinny guys need to focus on compound lifts to maximize their time in the gym: squats, bench presses, deadlifts, rows and military presses. Do your full body each workout, as opposed to splitting up upper body and lower body.

3) No cardio

If you want to keep up some cardio for general health sake, limit this to two or three twenty minute sessions per week maximum. This cardio should be low to moderate intensity. The only place you are to be intense is in the weight room.

4) Remember your technique.

You must maintain proper form throughout your weight lifting, not only to prevent injuries but also to see the muscular gains you are looking for. If you cheat form, you are only cheating yourself. If you don't know what proper form is yet, book a session with a trainer or find yourself a spotter who can help you.

DelMonte sums up his guide for skinny men this way: "Get in, train hard and with proper technique, get out, eat and rest. Repeat this process over a few months without getting distracted and you will shed that skinny image."

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