E Cig Express Announces a Variety of E Juice Products for the Electronic Cigarette

Smokers who typically prefer stronger cigarettes will start with the 24 mg e juice product.
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Blaine, WA (prHWY.com) February 14, 2011 - UNITED STATES (January 2011) - E Cig Express announces a variety of e juice products. E juice products are used in an electronic cigarette and come in various strengths and flavors.
E juice can be purchased online for any strength from 0 to 24 mg. The 24 mg is clearly one of the strongest e juice products and will provide smokers with the strongest nicotine sensation. A 48 mg product is available for purchase, but will need to be diluted prior to use because of its strength. The various strengths of e juice sold provide a product for every smoker. Smokers who typically prefer stronger cigarettes will start with the 24 mg e juice product.
The e juice products sold by E Cig Express come in 30 ml which typically lasts a smoker about a month. Some smokers may use up to two 30 ml a month, but this just depends on the amount one smokes.
E juice products come in a variety of flavors for smokers to choose from. This is one of the added benefits of using electronic cigarettes. The many selections of flavors range from fruit flavors to menthol varieties.

One of the e juice flavor varieties sold by E Cig Express is the USA Mix. This is one of the most popular flavors sold because of the mix of strong smooth flavors. Customers look forward to the proven hit of every smoke. This flavor product can be purchased in various strengths.
Another popular flavor is the menthol variety. This is popular since it resembles traditional smoking. Menthol is a minty smooth flavor that leaves ones mouth feeling clean and fresh. This product is available in the 24 mg strength.

Other more exotic flavors of e juice exist which include Turkish, Win Churchill, and Flue Cure. Flavors such as blueberry, banana, apple mint, and even peanut butter can be purchased on the website of E Cig Express. These are different flavors that customers may try and all provide a different experience than traditional flavored cigarettes. However, for those who prefer the traditional flavor of tobacco this flavor is also available.
E juice is used in electronic cigarettes and is this type of cigarette's tobacco. It comes in various strengths and flavors which provides customers with a wide selection. Customers may purchase these innovative flavors of e juice with E Cig Express.

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