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Manhattan, NY ( June 1, 2010 - Virtual Dating Brings Life To The Romance Game

Lovamatic's research has shown that about half of those who participated in online dating felt they couldn't clearly predict certain traits they were looking for in potential partners based on descriptions or traits such as "sense of humor" because these are such subjective traits.

Potential Partners may say they have a balanced sense of humor, but if a persons humor is very poor and the others is high, they won't be a good match. Lovamatic virtual dating would give them the opportunity to see if they share a similar sense of humor.

Virtual dating gives potential partners an opportunity to experience all of the crucial but intangible elements that make up a true connection. These are the emotional, subjective qualities of attraction that can't be described or quantified but are tied to feelings and instinct. The only way to judge these qualities are to actually experience them by interacting with the other person. Virtual dating lets you do this.

Virtual Dating is Much More Than Pictures & texts

But how is Lovamatic different from simply searching through Singles profiles and texts to someone? Lovamatic dating is a 3D virtual reality experience Known as 3D City environment where you create an Avatar Character of yourself to interact directly with the other Love Matches in a total environment that closely matches a real world dating experience. You have an avatar representing your own personality and will meet and interact with an avatar representing the other person, allowing both of you to show emotion, react to the other person's speech and body language, and interact and react within the virtual setting.

Imagine Being in a Nightclub on a virtual date. The setting gives you plenty of scope for meeting and Chatting as you play your own Music via the Club DJ while watching the people around you. You can decide what to do next, talk about what experiences you've encountered in the past, whether
you want to swim in our Swimming pool together, relax on the love boat, find a nice bar/restaurant, or watch the sunset. In a virtual environment, there's never an awkward pause in the conversation because there's always something to talk about, unlike being in an empty chat room. Moving through
a virtual environment gives you the feeling of being in the real world, and all of your senses come into play, from body language to the sounds and sights around you. Additional options such as virtual 2 people games and music & Videos can reveal common interests.

What Can You Learn From Virtual Dating?

Have You Been Exchanging e-mails with some interesting men or women through your online dating service? Are you toying with the idea of taking things to the next level but you aren't sure if you're ready to meet all of them in person? Virtual dating is the perfect solution, allowing you to
experience each person in a safe, dating environment that's controlled yet fun. Consider this:

* Virtual dating lets you carry on conversations that will reveal things like sense of humor, conversational ability and personality quirks.
* The virtual reality setting can open up interesting discussions based on your surroundings.
* If you decide to move on to a real world date, you will be much more comfortable because you've already met on a virtual date.
* Share games, music and interests you both enjoy through virtual activities to create a bond you can carry into the real world.
* Most people found that a virtual date was an extremely accurate indicator of whether they would enjoy the other person's company in real life. Profiles, emails, and even chat weren't as accurate.

Lovamatic's research finds that virtual dating can serve two crucial functions for individuals searching for relationships online. First, it can help you more accurately find someone who is compatible with you because it is based on experiential criteria rather than a simple list of traits or survey questions. Second, virtual dating is often an accurate predictor of whether you will be satisfied with the person when you meet them in the real world. It's obvious there are many advantages to virtual dating. Isn't it time you joined the Lovamatic Community and give Virtual Dating a try yourself?

Why Try Online Dating?

You are so over the bar scene, you're tired of being the third wheel, or you're ready to settle down. Whatever your reason, we're here to help.

It's a big world out there, and it's getting more difficult to meet someone special by "conventional means". Perhaps your workplace forbids dating coworkers, or you don't attend church, or you haven't clicked with anyone special at small parties. Why not make your love life easier?

What if you could change your romantic life from almost never having a date to a social life filled with new possibilities and possibly a few dates a week? Dates with quality people who share your goals and interests. And what if it was absolutely free?

That place is our site - and this is exactly what we do for thousands of singles just like you.

Site Features

24 hours a day you'll find a community of friendly singles hanging out in our Chat Room.
We offer Instant Messaging, with Voice and Video Greetings so you can meet someone in real time.
Or, if you feel more comfortable, send an Email. Write a little about yourself, and take the first step towards finding a new relationship.

Narrow your search with our handy Keyword Search. Love to scuba dive? Enjoy traveling? Or maybe you just like relax at home and read a good book. Just type it in and find out who else shares your passion!


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