Green Revolution CEO Talks of Their Marvel

Brad Cohen, CEO of Green Revolution writes article about Power Factor.
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Ottsville, PA ( August 20, 2012 - Green Revolution, an energy solutions company committed to reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency in America's homes and businesses, feeds off momenta. To fuel their most recent drive, Brad Cohen, the company's Chief Executive Officer and Founder, wrote an article entitled "Power Factor Correction: An Efficiency and Profitability Superhero".
Power factor is an obscure topic in the field of energy savings. With the exception of electrical engineers, the concept is incomprehensible to many. Even hieroglyphics are unpretentious in the shadow of power factor, and many innocent business owners are cowering at the recent talk of power factor, with worry that they maybe getting "hustled" by their own utility company. Cohen's article keeps this candor in mind. His article breaks down power factor piece by piece, using the playful analogy of a superhero, and ultimately making the concept of power factor affable--something easy to talk about.

"Low power factor can be expensive and is always inefficient. Not only that, but many utility companies actually charge large industrial customers an additional fee when their power factor is less than 0.95... Not even the Joker could be so sinister," wrote Cohen. In addition to Cohen's basic definition of power factor, the CEO of Green Revolution tackles the misconceptions surrounding green technology, and provides insight on real ways to save throughout his commentary. The commentary itself is a courier. In its entirety is sincerity, which stems from Cohen's true passion to educate the reader on power factor, and to provide appropriate direction so companies can save and improve profits through their electric bills.

To read Cohen's "Power Factor Correction: An Efficiency and Profitability Superhero" visit


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