MRI in Diagnosing Musculoskeletal Disorders

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a revolutionary procedure used for accurate evaluation of musculoskeletal ailments.
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Brooklyn, NY ( June 2, 2010 - Most physicians depend heavily on MRI to diagnose musculoskeletal disorders, because it can provide a clear image of the affected body part.

Detects Even the Anomalies Hidden in the Bones

MRI is entirely different from the traditional X-ray technology. Magnetic resonance imaging technology can be used to detect minute fractures that may not be detected through X-rays. With MRI scans, the doctors can trace the cause of the pain, correct position of the fractures as well as their severity. This procedure can be used to identify the injuries and fractures in the soft tissues of ligaments, muscles, tendons, shoulders, knee and hip joints and other body areas.

An MRI scan enables doctors to have a close evaluation of the function of the tissues in the body organs and easily spot the existence of any irregularity including tumors. It also helps to detect the minor and major anomalies, which cannot be detected by the other scanning techniques. By identifying the exact cause, more accurate treatment procedures can be prescribed at an early stage.

Medications Not Required for the Scanning Process

MRI scanning procedure can be done within a short time period and after the scanning process patients can continue with their usual activities. The imaging process does not require patients to take any medication.

MRI is considered a safe procedure without side effects. It is completely free from harmful radiations. The entire scanning procedure is carried out with the help of magnetic and radio waves.

Due to the presence of the magnetic field, MRI scans are not advisable for patients with metal implants such as pacemakers, metal rods in bones and other objects, as it can dislocate these objects. Besides, changes might occur in the scanned images too.


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