Margaret McElroy hosts Final Radio Show This Week

Every Thursday starting at 5:00 pm Pacific Time, Margaret M Productions airs 3 hours of metaphysical programming. The Energies of Life and The Sixth Sense will both be airing their final shows this Thursday.
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Issaquah, WA ( August 30, 2012 - Margaret M Productions announces this week's line up of topics on metaphysical talk radio; learn about anything from Energy to the Astrology of Neil Armstrong. All shows are broadcast in a live video webcast on and the audio portion is also streamed live to Blog Talk Radio.

The Sixth Sense

This week the final episode of the Sixth Sense will air. Margaret and Alan McElroy have been hosting The Sixth Sense for the last 7 years, and are now moving into a new role with their teaching. Margaret and Alan often begin the show discussing current events and also by sharing the teachings of Maitreya. Maitreya, also known as Maitreya Buddha or Mi Le Fo, is a spiritual energy that channels through Margaret McElroy.

Margaret McElroy describes Maitreya in the following way: "Over the last 20 years, Maitreya, as my teacher and channel, has enabled me to let go of an enormous amount of fear, doubt, insecurity, and hesitation about channeling. He has enlightened me little by little, and enabled others through his teachings to be enlightened also. Through his workshops, seminars, and courses he has taught a very simple truth, that we all are our own Masters and the creators of our own reality." The Sixth Sense Radio Show begins at 7:00 pm Pacific time.

Again & Again

On this week's show, Karen Downing and Valerie Shinn discuss the Astrological birth chart of astronaut Neil Armstrong. They will examine Mr. Armstrong's life lessons and how his spirit for adventure enthralled the country during the space race. Karen and Valerie will also discuss patterns within Neil Armstrong's astrology chart and how those patterns related to his life. Please join the fun in the chat room to ask Karen or Valerie a question on any topic. Again & Again provides information to assist anyone in taking control of their life by using astrology and the development of their innate intuitive gifts. Each show begins with a quick discussion of what is taking place in the sky. As always, an affirmation, crystal and Bach Flower Essence will be discussed as healing tools for the topic at hand. Again & Again begins at 6:00 pm Pacific time.

The Energies of Your Life

For the past 20 months - 82 shows - Jean Luo and Dennis Dossett have discussed principles and practices for raising one's consciousness based on their study and personal experience. In the final show of this series, they summarize the essence of what they have learned and how sharing it with the audience has affected their own lives. The Energies of Your Life is a journey of self-healing & self-awareness. By understanding the energy in your life, you are able to clear energy blockages that can create further problems. Jean and Dennis will show you not only how to heal pain, relationships and emotional distress, but also how to transform your physical body, mind and emotions for self-healing.

Live questions are welcome on all shows, and anyone can participate in the conversation in the chat room, or by calling in during the shows. Visit the Margaret M Productions webcast page during the live radio shows to join in the fun. You sure don't want to miss these ground-breaking radio shows, but if you do, archives of past shows are available as well.


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