UFO Investigator Nick Pope discusses the Real X Files

Live Webcast Featuring UFO Investigator Nick Pope. A worldwide event with thousands of viewers planned to watch it from around the world!
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Irving, TX (prHWY.com) February 26, 2011 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

(Press Release) - Feb 01, 2011 - The event Nick Pope will begin the lecture by giving an overview of the British government's involvement with the UFO phenomenon, which dates back to 1950, when the Ministry of Defense established a small committee to examine the phenomenon, known as the Flying Saucer Working Party. He will explain government policy on this issue and detail the way in which investigations were carried out. Nick Pope will then discuss a number of cases in detail, focusing on incidents that remain unexplained and on cases where the witnesses were military personnel. This will include discussion of the Rendlesham Forest incident, the UK's most interesting and compelling UFO case. This took place in 1980 and the 30th anniversary has attracted considerable media and public interest. He will also discuss a number of incidents where there have been near-misses between UFOs and commercial aircraft. He believes this is a serious issue that is not receiving the public attention it deserves, largely because of the perceived stigma of reporting UFO incidents, which leads to many pilots failing to report incidents that should be of concern to airlines.

Nick Pope will then talk about two Royal Society discussion meetings that were held in 2010, where the scientific and societal consequences of discovering extraterrestrial life were considered. Nick Pope attended both these meetings and had extensive discussions with many of the key speakers. He subsequently reported on these meetings on television and in newspapers, in his capacity as a freelance journalist. Nick Pope believes that it is important not to be afraid to ask speculative questions about humankind's place in the wider cosmos.

The question of whether or not we are alone in the Universe is one of the biggest questions we can ask. There are only two possible answers and arguably, either answer is both profound and disturbing. If we did ever discover extraterrestrial life, whether it be microbial life on Mars, or the detection of a radio signal from another civilization, we would have to reassess our own lives. While we would try to learn as much as possible about the extraterrestrial life, ironically, such a discovery might ultimately teach us something new about ourselves.

Nick Pope, Author, journalist and TV personality, UFO-expert. Worked for the British Ministry of Defence for 21 years. In the course of his career, he served in a number of different positions, but is best known for work that he did between 1991 and 1994, when he was assigned to a division where his duties included investigating reports of Unidentified Flying Objects.

Nick Pope has been involved in the program to declassify and release the MoD's UFO files and send them to the National Archives. This involved selecting some cases that would be of interest to the media, making a film to promote the release and giving newspaper, TV and radio interviews to publicize the story.

Nick Pope left the Ministry of Defense in 2006. He now works as a freelance journalist and media commentator, writing and broadcasting on a wide range of subjects, including UFOs and the unexplained, conspiracy theories, fringe science, space and science fiction. Nick Pope works with a wide range of TV networks and production companies, helping develop ideas for new documentaries. He contributes regularly to various news programs, chat shows and documentaries. He is promoting sci-fi films and advertising campaigns themed around the unexplained. He has worked for clients that include Microsoft, 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures and has been involved in promoting the movies The X-Files: I Want To Believe and the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Nick Pope lectures all around the world and this has included addressing the Oxford Union and speaking at the Science Museum and the Royal Albert Hall. Nick Pope has written four books, all of which have been published by Simon & Schuster. His non-fiction books are Open Skies Closed Minds, about UFOs, and The Uninvited, about the alien abduction mystery. Both books made the Top Ten in the Sunday Times list of hardback non-fiction books, with Open Skies Closed Minds reaching number three and staying in the Top Ten for ten weeks. These books have been translated into various foreign languages. Nick Pope has also written two science fiction novels about an alien invasion, Operation Thunder Child and Operation Lightning Strike. There have been discussions about producing a film or a TV miniseries based on these books. Nick Pope lives in London.

Localized event schedule available at http://en.esoguru.com/real-x-files More info and press tickets please contact: melinda.vida@eso.tv


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