Encounters with the Devil Live Webcast with the Chief Exorcist of the Vatican

Fr. Gabriel Amorth, (The 85 year old) President of the International Association of Exorcists, shares secrets, techniques and real life stories about exorcism, exclusively on EsoGuru.com.
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Irving, TX (prHWY.com) March 10, 2011 - Fr. Gabriel Amorth, (The 85 year old) President of the International Association of Exorcists, shares secrets, techniques and real life stories about exorcism, exclusively on EsoGuru.com.

"The Chief Exorcist of the Vatican - Encounters with the Devil" is the title of this special live event to be aired on 24th March 2011.

The broadcast with Gabriel Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Vatican, can be watched exclusively on Exorcist

"They start to freak out, break everything around them. You need a few strong guys to grab the person and drag him or her in and have them seated. The more difficult exorcisms I carry out in a church in which we have a bed where we can lay the person down and we keep them tight"

Even in the 21st century, exorcism is still present in our society, of course mostly in the Catholic Church.

"Once I was asked: "Does God hate demons?" I say, "No! God loves all his creatures. God loves demons as well. It is the demons who hate God."

When thinking of exorcism, we may imagine cruel rituals, heavy words and lots of superstition. But what is it like to be a modern exorcist in the very traditional community of the Roman Catholic Church?

"Exorcism goes like this. We enter the room, we cross ourselves. We make them kiss the cross. Sometimes I give the cross to them, sometimes I don't, because I fear they'll throw it away. I put one half of my orarium on the subject's shoulder. I sit down as well. There are always people around us, to hold down the subject if necessary. I always have a towel on me, because the subjects tend to spit a lot. They spit out interesting materials. I put my hands on their head and start the prayer.

A conversation starts with the demon when I see it appearing. But this is rarely the case. Most of the time there are only small signs about the presence of a demon. In these cases we can't communicate with it. Subjects often have seizures or throw themselves onto the ground. In these cases I can talk to the demon. I start interrogating the demon.

It is forbidden to ask questions out of curiosity. You may ask questions only that are important for the exorcism. What is your name? - This is important. The demon has to reveal itself. The demon will do everything to stay hidden. Sometimes it appears as a sickness, and we have an example of this in a gospel: A demon appeared as epilepsy in one young man. He had eplileptic seizures, but it was the demon who did all this."

Who are occupied by demons and why? How can you get rid of the evil and why it is important?

"Those cases where demons truly occupy someone are very rare. What is mostly happening is that subjects are infected or confused by demons. Unfortunately this happens quite frequently, caused by hatred, revenge or selfishness.

I could show you many examples that are happening every day. Here is one: A young man was seeing a girl for 10 years. He figured out that she is not for him and decided to break up. The mother of the girl got real angry and offended by this and went to a psychic or orecle and asked to curse the man."

Gabriel Amorth, the official Exorcist of the Vatican and the President of the International Association of Exorcists, is going to host an incredible event, sharing his experience of more than 70,000 exorcisms. He will talk about the nature of evil and the importance of exorcism.

He believes three things can save us from demons: faith, love and forgivness.

Everyone is invited to learn about the nature of evil and how chase it away!

24th of May on EsoGuru.com.

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