The Use of Classical Tunes for Music on Hold

Have you ever wondered why so many places that play on hold music use classical tunes for this purpose?
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london, United Kingdom ( September 30, 2012 - Have you ever wondered why so many places that play on hold music use classical tunes for this purpose? The use of classical music for music on hold is done to create a calming effect in the person that is waiting on the other end of the line.

Music on hold is played in many different businesses in order to keep the person on the phone waiting long enough that they can do actual business. Some of these businesses include banks, telephone companies, doctor offices, treatment facilities, credit card companies, electric providers, gas companies, and the list goes on to include almost every type of business there is. On hold music is meant to soot the savage beast and keep the other party entertained long enough that the person they called can get to the telephone.

Most people hate to hear music on hold. Generally when the on hold music begins to play a person realizes they could be in for a long wait before a human return to the line. This is often very disappointing, so why do the companies play classical tunes instead of popular tunes from today that might keep the person interested?

Music on hold needs to be tunes that the majority of people can hear without being offended. Classical music is a type of music that transcends the lines between genders, both males and females like these sounds. Most age groups will like the sounds or at the very least they will tolerate them without becoming irritated. Most racial groups find classical tunes appealing so they are not offended that the music being played is geared more towards people of one race over people of another race. On hold music is played for all callers and needs to be accepted by all manner of people.

A large number of companies play instrumental versions of old rock music as their distraction technique. These tunes are very upbeat and catchy and most people will find themselves singing along to some of the music no matter what their age is, their sex is, or their racial background is. Music crosses the line and appeals equally to the people who have a lot of money and the people who have little money.

Classical musical compositions that are very popular are something that the majority of people recognize because they have heard snippets of the scores all of their lives. Generally they began hearing this when they were infants and their parents placed a mobile over their crib. Most of the children toys that are made to play musical selections for infants also play classical compositions.

Hearing familiar sounds can sooth our fears, anxieties, and emotions. The same thing can be said when people smell familiar smells, or taste things that taste like something they remember from their childhood. Smells, things we hear, things we taste all take us back to a time when we had an experience that imprinted on our subconscious minds. The sounds of classical overtures are most likely to bring back the relaxed feelings we felt when we were small children and felt safe and protected by all things around us.

On hold music is generally either classical composures or instrumental arrangements. Music on hold needs to be something that all people will accept and be able to listen to, if not enjoy.


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