The Reason for On Hold Music

If you have ever called a company and had to be placed on hold while the person you need to speak to is connected you undoubtedly had to hear on hold music while you were waiting.
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London, United Kingdom ( September 30, 2012 - If you have ever called a company and had to be placed on hold while the person you need to speak to is connected you undoubtedly had to hear on hold music while you were waiting. When the wait is exceptionally long the music on hold is often interrupted by a recorded voice telling you that your call is very important and a representative will be with you shortly.

There are very good reasons why on hold music is played while you wait for a human response. People tend to lose patience with the process of holding online and waiting and they hang up. The on hold music is played to keep people from getting impatient and hanging up. Generally all on hold music is something that almost every person can find soothing and will take no offense to.

A business that wants to sell products from catalogs and television advertisements will play music on hold so they stand a greater chance of making the sale. If you are waiting to purchase an item and you have to be on hold for very long you could become frustrated and decide to buy the item from another distributer. You could also change your mind about the purchase altogether. The music on hold is designed to occupy your mind in such a way that you do not think to cancel your plans to make a purchase.

When you are waiting to speak to an insurance agent, or someone at the telephone company where you are already a customer, the company plays music on hold to keep you from becoming irritated and impatient with having to wait. These companies are not as worried about losing your business to another company as they are concerned that you will become irrational and they will not have the ability to calm you down.

We hear these tunes when we are traveling in elevators. They play tunes for the people riding in elevators so they can help the people to remain calm and not become overly excited during the ride. There are people who are still afraid of elevators and this music is designed to calm their fears.

This type of music is played for people when they are sitting in waiting rooms. Sometimes the waiting room will have a television playing to distract the people waiting from thinking about how long they have been waiting. Some places simply play the radio so the news and the sounds keep people from focusing on the length of time they have been waiting.
Grocery stores and other large stores play tunes to help keep the customers in good spirits. The music being played over the loud speakers not only sooths emotions but it can actually increase their moods and make them happier. Happier people spend money more freely than individuals who are in a bad mood do.

Almost all establishments that play these distractions over their loud speakers play tunes that are considered to be happy and uplifting. They generally play versions of old rock songs that have no lyrics being sung. The music is uplifting and makes people feel better.
Playing on hold music for customers when they have to wait on the telephone keeps the customer from becoming angry at having to wait. The music on hold is chosen to be uplifting and pleasing to most people.


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