Why Moving Business Network hates "Crappy Moving Companies and Movers"

With the moving industry changing all the time, it can be hard to find a worthy moving company.
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Columbus, OH (prHWY.com) September 30, 2012 - With the moving industry changing all the time, it can be hard to find a worthy moving company. John Shrugg, writer and editor for Moving Business network, has certainly stated his mind through his writing on how he feels about crappy companies and workers from his articles " The difference between a professional mover and an ameteur mover" and "The difference between a great moving company and a terrible moving company". I had the chance to conduct a phone interview with John and this is what he had to say.

"The difference between a good mover and a crappy mover all comes down to professionalism. Being a professional means that you are always willing to learn more, you can take criticism well, and also know when you've made a mistake. Crappy movers have none of these qualities and don't want to work for them".

"If a moving company always seems to be short a body or two on moving day, it's not a death sentece, UNLESS you have a company full of amateur movers. Turnover rates are at an all time high so moving companies settle by hiring a crappy mover who, in return, can earn you a bad rep. The only way to fix this is to up your hourly rate of pay, take great care of your seasoned vet movers and dont allow just any average joe off the street to work for you".

John Continued by saying "[as a mover] you need to show that you're a hard worker and will do everything to make sure that you are pulling your own weight on a move. In the end though it seems that there are a lot of new guys just floating around from company to company, even if they have been a mover for a while now. The same goes for moving companies, even if your growing, your customer ratings and employee turnover can affect you big-time, which makes YOU look terrible".

I can see where John is coming from, amateurs companies and movers have a tendency to cause a lot of problems for themselves and to others. However, any mover, with the right mind-set and drive can be a professional, and any company who strives to be the best can lower their turn over rate and regain customer satisfaction.

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Levi Crotinger from MovePoint.Com - http://www.movepoint.com/


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