Innovative Psychographic Approach to Marketing Creates Visually Stimulating Designs by recently revealed how they combine creativity with the psychographic approach to create visually stimulating advertising designs.
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Ny, NY ( September 30, 2012 - It's obvious that creative designs have a unique ability to sell a product or idea through proper effective visual communications. It's common sense that graphic design and the marketing of brands and products are successful whenever clever visual intricacy, creativity, and direct response copywriting are correctly and properly applied to the presentation of text and imagery. For example, did you know that the first thing that makes you pick a product off the shelf and catches your attention is the design?

With that being said, we would like to introduce the success behind the innovative minds of and reveal how their design techniques are being recognized by the largest companies and brands in the world. MediaHighFive invaluable resources are quickly breaking the barriers of marketing and advertising.

"MediaHighFive simply gets it! Their wealth of hands on experience is obvious and they openly share their insight freely. Their designs produced something completely unique and truly useful. They have translated years of successful experience into high-level designs."

MediaHighFive marketing and design tricks for success are highly confidential and protected, like a Famous Restaurant's Secret Sauce recipe. We are unable to give you their "secret sauce recipe" to successful converting media designs, but we are able to reveal the innovative background of what they do and how they do it so well. When you see a sample of their work and you read the headlines and content of their ads, you will begin to understand the complexities of their powerful combination of deep insight in the world of marketing, design and media.

"MediaHighFive knows what looks good and what works, and incorporate years of psychological studies into all of their work." recently revealed how they combine creativity with the psychographic characteristics of fine art to create visually stimulating advertising designs . We all know that a high quality design can support a lesser quality product... but what we don't know is that behind that high quality design; MediaHighFive combines visually stunning designs with never-seen before techniques and suggestive selling tricks to achieve goals of success.

Through research and access to the targeted audience's experience, memories, emotions, five senses, neuro-linguistic mind tricks and learning's from ultimate experiences... MediaHighFive has discovered and simplified their core distinctions and strategies which can be applied immediately to measurably improve the quality of media and advertising success.

"MediaHighFive's suggestive selling tricks makes you believe you NEED to buy that product. This is the future of design and media which has been developed by MediaHighFive. Other will try to match their design success, but none will compare "

In August, we interviewed David Ferenczi, CEO of MediaHighFive, and he had a lot to say. You can tell just by sitting with him that he knew exactly what he was talking about. He discussed his techniques, shared his experience, showed me some samples from his portfolio , and told me about new exciting ventures he has planned. Visit to learn more.

So what is and how are they able to connect real people with business, brands, products and services so well ?

MediaHighFive, is a New York based design firm with over 15+ years of experience in advertising, branding, package design, search engine optimization, print and web design. They are known for the success of taking a complex project from concept through completion and being able to drastically improving a business, brand, product, or service with effective creative media designs.

"MediaHighFive incorporates a unique process of targeted design, marketing and advertising which has quickly taken their approach to a whole new level... and it's working!" specifically designs and targets to a specific audience and demographic. They create websites and landing pages which are aggressively designed to perform a specific task such as a sale or a lead. Having the proper knowledge to create an effective website, MediaHighFive's conversion optimization service quickly increase the number of visitors that will take your desired action... converting them into a sale or lead.

FACT: There are hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the testing of effective Landing Page and Web Design... and MediaHighFive knows the results and knows incorporate all of the best practices in to all of their work!

"Many designers realize that they need to take a different approach in their designs. The problem is that most don't know how to handle the differences so they simply design something without doing any market research. Big mistake! Without experience and knowledge of proven best practices, their designs are a possible hit-or-miss and tend to result in failures. MediaHighFive however has the proven experience and knowledge of best practices, and we do a great job in breaking down the approach to implement winning designs which focus on specific content to get the most out of what is available." - David Ferenczi

In August 2012, MediaHighFive has combined their experience and expertise, to developed a unique, content-driven approach to search engine optimization which delivers both results and return. This enables you to dominate search engine top spots.

Their effective combination of online content and proven organic techniques secure an extensive range of high search engine rankings to promote your business as widely as possible. With their remarkable SEO service, MediaHighFive can increase your ranking by not just focusing on #1 ranking keywords, but by combining our proven techniques for best search engine results.

- They incorporate traditional SEO along with new secrets of the trade
- They integrate content, keywords, and leverage social media platforms
- Their search marketing allows you to dominate search your market

If you're ready to dominate search engine top spots, try their Powerful SEO Packages.

"We have developed a unique, content-driven approach to search engine optimization which delivers both quick results and return. Our effective combination of online content and proven techniques secure an extensive range of HIGH SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS to promote your business as widely as possible and drive organic targeted traffic to your site. Each SEP service will drastically improve your Search Engine Position on Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN" - David Ferenczi

Ready to bring your visual ideas to life? Ready to develop a successful online marketing image? Need customer to choose your product over competitors?

MediaHighFive takes their expertise to the design and structure your email and banner campaigns for one purpose... results! The main goal of an email and banner is to trigger a click and drive traffic to your site. Through careful placement of strong headlines, supporting images, and powerful call-to-actions, we are able to optimize your click through rate to achieve your online marketing goals.

"It's unbelievable. MediaHighFive's email designs resulted in high click-through rates thanks to their strong experience and understanding in email marketing. They are my #1 go-to choice for all my email and banner marketing"

By creating proper targeted email designs and creating an email marketing strategy, you can engage dialog between yourself and your recipients and utilize email to accomplish your objectives. With their proven methodology, you can capture attention and quickly get noticed with their FLASH Banner Media design . Their Flash Banners will not only dazzle your website visitors and deliver your brand message with powerful animated graphics, but it will make a brand impact that won't be forgotten with a High Five. Whether you need to increase targeted traffic to your site, or need to direct a user to a specified URL from another site, a Flash Banner from MediaHighFive will be able to deliver your need to achieve higher click through rates due to the attention grabbing animated effects.

"The word "expert" gets thrown out there a lot in the digital marketing and design industry, but David Ferenczi, CEO at MediaHighFive is FOR SURE one of our top experts in online marketing, branding, online media and advertising. I've had the pleasure to learn from David through the years through his various media engagements. Bottom line, need to visually stimulate your audience and make a lasting impression? Contact MediaHighFive "

MediaHighFive's design technique and unique talents bring together all aspects of digital media and creative marketing. They create the highest quality digital solutions to help achieve your vision and meet your goals. Their graphic design work gives clients a professional edge with a touch of perfection. Whether it's a logo, menu, sign, banner, business card, brochure, photo restoration, product packaging, poster, billboard or postcard... MediaHighFive has the right solution for your needs.

Visit to see how you can benefit with MediaHighFive on your side.

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About MediaHighFive:

We are excited, motivated, innovative, and work efficiently to get the job done right with the best possible return on investment. MediahighFive create the highest quality digital solutions to help achieve your vision and meet your goals.

More information about MediaHighFive is available online.

Contact: David Ferenczi, CEO







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