Microsoft Windows 8, Unlikely To Be A Hit with Corporations

All new innovations start with a gamble, as in the case of Windows 8 by Microsoft. Only time will tell how widely Windows 8 is adopted. As from the look of it, overall Windows 8 shows great promise, though some may not see it that way.
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Beaverton, OR ( October 2, 2012 - According to IT experts, despite Microsoft's optimistic approach, Microsoft may have underestimated the requirements of large businesses. According to research conducted by Gartner Analysts, Microsoft has risked it all with Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013, since these two Microsoft products yield the most revenue from large enterprises; Further adding, that the risk was well taken by Microsoft in order to stay pertinent in order to compete in a market dominated by mobile devices and contemporary experiences.

Microsoft Windows 8 will be available for purchase on October 26th. According to IT experts, once that happens, expect to see a variety of responses from IT administrators. On one side you have the Metro GUI which encourages the use of touch screen; on the other side you have a Windows 7 clone minus the start button.

According to IT analysts, most corporations are too comfortable using Windows XP enterprise solution and may see upgrading to Windows 8 a huge step. However, businesses need to act swiftly before April 2014, as Microsoft will be retiring Windows XP operating systems.

According to experts, Operating systems on average take one year to fully mature, mature in the sense that they are adapted by everyone. Though, most conglomerates will play it safe by adopting Windows 7 enterprise operating systems rather than Windows 8, as enterprises are not willing to risk an untested OS in a working environment.

One reason why organizations may be hesitant to adopt Windows 8 could be the compatibility of certain third party or customized data security softwares which may or may not work in a Windows 8 environment.

Microsoft is expected to gain 20% to 25% of the corporate market with Windows 8 for now, until it is replaced with whatever comes next.

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