Tungsten Wedding Rings for Men - The Best Gift for Your Special Someone

Tungsten wedding rings for men are increasingly gaining popularity. They are made of a very rare radiant gray metal.
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Minnesota, MN (prHWY.com) October 2, 2012 - Tungsten wedding rings for men are increasingly gaining popularity. They are made of a very rare radiant gray metal. The couples who wish to have a unique style of symbolizing their relationship usually opt for these rings because they feature greater strength, affordability and durability.

The tungsten wedding rings for men available in the market are usually wider and heavier as compared to women's traditional wedding rings. However, this does not necessarily mean that these rings have to be plain. Tungsten rings may be available in the following styles:

* Ridged, rounded or square edges for a sophisticated and simple pattern.

* Polish of different levels for a semi-glossy, highly reflective or matte finish.

* Inlays of precious metals like platinum, mokume gane or silver for vivid accents and a contrast of colors.

* Inclusion of gems or diamonds, generally in protected bezel or flush settings, to add shine.

* Varying alloy proportions which is used to create a ring color anywhere between dark to light gray.

* Symmetrical bevels or grooves to build carvings or patterns around the band.

The best place to find a wide variety of styles and designs of tungsten wedding rings for men is through online retailers. You can browse through a number of online retailers and then select a ring which best appeals to you. However, before buying a ring from a specific online retailer, go through the customer reviews that are generally provided on their website. Also, consider the customer service policies that the online retailer has.

The tungsten rings have a wide price range, varying from as low as $200 for a simple ring to as high as $2,000 for a detailed diamond-studded ring. Online retailers offer sales frequently. So, if you need to watch your budget, you may want to compare prices between different online retailers.

Different manufacturers of tungsten rings provide generous lifetime warranties as it is difficult to resize or repair these rings. They also provide maintenance and polishing of these rings. However, most warranties are cancelled if the ring is altered in any way, for example independent engraving or resizing.

Although tungsten rings are durable, it is still advisable and wise to care for them. You can clean them with the help of soft cloths and mild cleansers. You should place them separately from other items of jewelry that you have especially diamonds, as they can still put a scratch on the metal.

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