Travelers be aware, cyber criminals may targeting you.

Times have changed; your data is more valuable than you may think. Ignoring data security is no laughing matter; your leaked data can mean loss of credit, identity, and intellectual property.
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Beaverton, OR ( October 3, 2012 - Beaverton - October, 3, 2012 - -With cyber crime on the rise around the globe, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has cautioned travelers about potential hackers targeting unwary guests' data. Hackers are able to access your data through an unsecured Wifi connection, and the scary part is that you may never know your data is being accessed.

This warning was issued to U.S business executives, government employees and students, though the FBI didn't specify a country or countries with the highest risks. The alert was issued in response to travelers receiving bogus notices on updating software, once the unsuspecting tourist authorizes that update; malicious software was installed on their machine.
Using hotel Wifi connection comes with great risk experts say. Majority of these connections are setup with little or no security protocols and hackers can't help themselves but take advantage of this overlooked mistake. Though, according to experts, this is only the tip of the iceberg.
Experts reveal that free Wifi connections carry the most risk to your data's security. These Wifi signals can easily be hijacked by cyber criminals, as there are certain gadgets that hackers use to usurp your data.

Another frightening trend that has recently reported was of criminals setting up fake Wifi hotspots, their intention was to fool would be travelers to connect to their free internet offer and then steal the private of the least suspecting.

So how can people protect themselves? According to Jonathan Ladd, a data security analyst, people should invest in good antivirus software and update it regularly, Moreover, lock and encrypt your private data with specialized data Security Softwares , as this is the only way you can guarantee your own data's security.

Ladd points out that laptops, tablets, and smartphones are all equally at risk. If you can save data on a device, then it's likely to be hacked.

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