Dribble bibs for your little fashion-conscious cutie

Baby feeding is no mean feat, especially when the infant tends to throw tantrum around the meal times.
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london, United Kingdom (prHWY.com) October 3, 2012 - Baby feeding is no mean feat, especially when the infant tends to throw tantrum around the meal times. Other than the all-round splatter of baby food that their love for independent movement causes, feeding the baby also spoils their clothes. Incorrigible as they are, it cannot really refresh their wardrobe off and on to keep the clothes dainty. Dribble bibs are the best possible solution to problem of dirtying involved in spoon feeding. A range of fashionable baby bibs have made their way into the market to add to the wardrobe of babies and toddlers. Following the vogue created by the celebrity children, common parents are now showing interest in these trendy bibs to update their children's closet.
Long-Sleeve Bibs
This design of bib actually addresses two problems encountered at mealtime at one go. The long sleeves envelop the tiny arms of the baby so that the dress underneath do not get spoilt by mashed potatoes and carrot. The long-sleeved baby bibs feature a fleece front that shields all food and drool that rolls down the front. However, unlike the ordinary bibs that absorb the food and dribble, the nylon ones keep even the faintest stain away from the baby's clothes. Mono-tone or dual-tone dribble bibs catches minimum stain and make the wearers look completely adorable.
Leather Bibs
For babies and their parents with expensive choice, the leather-made dribble bibs are the latest and more pricy entry in the infants' product section. Durable and classy, they can be cleaned with a few wet wipes. The bibs can be sued both ways as the outer and inner sides feature two different designs. Often stitched with appliqué graphics of frogs, rabbits, cartoons, etc., the bibs come with food-catching, open pockets. The baby bibs come in a range of dark colours like Prussian blue, leaf green, burnt orange, plum, etc. that do not catch dirt easily. They come sewn with magnets around the neck.
Star-Themed Bibs
This is the most favourite theme that can be associated with a baby. You will not only find a whole range of star-printed bibs in the store, but you can also find star-shaped bibs of uni and multi-colours. Multi-coloured bibs are easy to clean and use as the food marks go unnoticed in the psychedelic montage of colours. Ideal for both baby boys and girls, the star baby bibs are good to use while on the go, in cars and outdoor locations.
Velcro Bibs
Dribble bibs are of two types, one that are sewn with clips or magnets and the other with Velcro. The second ones are preferred more by mother because of their ease of usage. Durable, they can also be cleaned easily with the help of a brush. A designer baby dribble bib can cost more than the ordinary ones made of soft fabric. The bandana style bibs are also wide in use by parents who like to give their child a smart, pirate look.

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