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Web pages on the Internet have also changed in complexity and design. Building a website that focuses on SEO will increase web traffic that will increase web traffic that will help you gain more clients.
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Fairfax, VA ( October 17, 2012 - It is a well-known fact that the Internet and web pages have changed the world significantly in the past fifteen years. The evolution and development of the Internet in the past couple of years has essentially created a whole new world that changes how people make decisions. Websites on the Internet have also changed in complexity and design and like the World Wide Web, without a webpage many businesses simply wouldn't succeed. So how did we get to this point? 20 years ago, web pages didn't even exist and businesses could have never imagined a society where more business was done online rather than in person, but now they are one of the most important assets to a company. Web design had a long evolution process and it will always continue to grow and change. You may be asking how our world got here and where people predict web design is going in the future and the answers to those questions can be found below as we will explain the history of web design as well as likely paths and changes to it in the future.
In the early 90's the worldwide web was born. In 1991 Tim Berners-Lee helped develop the worlds first website by combining Internet communication with hypertext. He obviously did something correct because about 20 years later today there are over 644 million web pages. Web pages have developed to become better functioning and provide more and more unique features with a series of advancements starting in 1991 and continuing until now and well into the future. Below you can find a couple of advancements that have brought web pages to what they are today and have shaped the direction of where web pages are going in the future.
Tim Berners-Lee was the first to combine the Internet communication with hypertext and was responsible for the first web page, which was put online in August 1991
In 1993, the first Internet browser was released and it was called Mosaic - This browser enabled users to surf the Internet in a graphical way and it opened up the Web up to the general public.
In 1995, Microsoft released a new version of the company's operating system called Windows 95. This was a brand new system, which featured a completely new user interface and a browser on the Windows platform. The browser was called Microsoft Internet Explorer, and as you may know, it became very popular around the world.
In 1996, Macromedia Flash was born and this technology became a popular method used to create animation, various web page components and integrate video into web pages. This definitely changed the face of the Internet and made it appear more like it appears today.
Social media has been a relatively recent phenomenon that has made the Internet more connected and user friendly.

All of these advancements have combined over the years and have contributed to making the Internet and web pages what they are today. Web design has a long and very rich history, but it also has a very promising future. Today, having your own website is not enough to be competitive, you also need to consider SEO an important factor to increase traffic to your site.

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