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Utilizing a glasses is a trouble with quite a few people who have eye sight disorder . In particular, with the persons having many different eye mistakes. A person can have both presbyopia and myopia. They should adjust the kinds of glasses according
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Alabama, AL ( October 31, 2012 - Discussing about bifocal lenses, we cannot forget the name "Benjamin Franklin", who created the bifocal lenses in the process applying and replacing glasses.

Bifocal lenses are a type of lens including two parts, the lower part will purpose to correct myopia and the upper portion can correct the presbyopia.

When the eye change the eye sight from near to far, they will see through distinct part of the lens and it will help the wearer see clearly both close and distance objects.

Some positive aspects of bifocal lenses

They can help the wearer get rid of the need to switch back and forth between two pairs of glasses

Bifocal lenses with protective can help protect the eyes from sunlight rays and dirt from the air.

Because the wearer needs one pair of prescription glasses instead of two, bifocals can be very cost effective.

Although bifocal lenses are really useful and have many benefits for the wearer but we should consider some disadvantages:

- Because the lens adjust between distance and near, you may have issue adapting to the way that the contact lens works.

- You may have issue in the moving activities such as driving, playing sport. Because of the bifocal lenses having two separate prescriptions, it may creat difficulty with your depth perception.

- Not all contact lens wearers are candidates for bifocal contact lenses

- Eyestrain can happen when you attempt to refocus your perspective while utilizing the bifocal contact lenses. The possible complications are headaches and scratchy in the eyes


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