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Los Angeles, CA ( November 7, 2012 - Agro technology deals with use of machines and harvesting equipment for agricultural purposes, and has become a specialized discipline since the early 20th century. Various GPS locators and monitoring systems allow the tractors and other machinery to be more accurate. Various plumbing parts and piping equipment in addition to control devices form the complete system.

The OMICS journal of agro technology throws light on newer techniques that regulate the agricultural processes. This approach to modern ways of agro technology for generating higher output of crops and the underlying research is covered by the OMICS journal under an Open Access Policy. The publication is governed by the Creative Commons License, and the manuscripts submitted by authors are reviewed by a specialized editorial board.

Several modern means of agro-technology consist of precise and efficient tractors and implements that are effective in terms of wastage of seeds or fuels. Future prospects indicate towards self-driving agricultural machines. These include pumps, engines and other specialized gear.

To cover the entire area of the fields with sprinklers for water all across the field, those are usually demarcated into various zones. As a result of this process, water is sprinkled using pipes and rotators called rotors. The sprinklers usually have a standard operating pressure that ranges within 30psi (pounds per square inch), and are driven by a ball drive and some sort of impact mechanism.

In the fields of nanotechnology and genetic engineering, sub-microscopic devices are used for greater efficiency and minimum wastage. In addition to agriculture, irrigation systems are used for mining, dust suppression and sewage disposal.


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