Winter 2012 Could Mean Huge Ice Dam Problems For Homeowners

Ice dams cause millions of dollars in damages every year. Understanding why ice dams form is the first step in preventing them.
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Rochester, MN ( November 16, 2012 - Many homeowners struggle with ice dam problems year after year. According to the U.S. Enviromental Agency Energy Star*, ice dams usually occur after a heavy snowfall combined with several days of freezing temperatures. The warm air inside your home leaks into the attic, warming the ice closest to you're roof. This melted water runs off you're roof, eventually re-freezing around you're home's over hangs and underneath you're roofs eaves. Ryan Roofing is an awarded roofing company which recently posted a 5 point guide to ice dam prevention. According to Bill Vaughan** (lead roofing manager), the biggest culprit to ice dam formations is a combination of insulation & ventilation. To prevent ice dams Ryan Roofing recommends :
1. Upgrade You're Home's Attic Insulation
2. Have You're Home's Ventilation Checked
3. Have You're Home Inspected by a BPI Certified Installer
4. Have an Energy Audit Done
5. Clean Out You're Gutters To prevent ice build up in you're gutters.

Hiring a contractor may be the best route for most homeowners. Ice dams can be really damaging to you're roof. Dealing with growing ice dams as soon as they start to form should be a number one priority for you're home. You shouldn't be totally discouraged by ice dams. Discovering that you're home has an ice dam problem is a great clue that you're home is not as energy efficient as it could be. Often ice dam prevention and removal is affordable and easy to get started. Make sure to fully research any possible contractor before hiring. Hiring the right company means more than just protecting your roof from ice dams damaging affects. It also provides an overall improvement in you're home's internal comfort level and a possible reduction in you're energy bills. For more information on ice dams & ice dam prevention visit Ryan Roofing's Main Site.




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