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Knowledge was constantly kept away from public view, being only offered pieces of each puzzle of complete understanding from time to time, to satisfy the curiosity of the masses.
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Cardiff, United Kingdom ( November 19, 2012 - Knowledge was constantly kept away from public view, being only offered pieces of each puzzle of complete understanding from time to time, to satisfy the curiosity of the masses. People were only allowed to see the insignificant parts of the truth and if, by chance, some leaks appeared, they covered, denied and finally suppressed the whole story or misled it. Who are they, what do we know about these elite, often called illuminati or under the names of well known figures and/ or groups of interests?

What do we know? If we look at the facts, we know nothing, almost nothing, just speculative information, without a real basis. They tried to cover everything, from their identity to any connection with the real events that brought us piece by piece to what we know today.

Anti-gravity and the possibility of building the UFO spacecrafts that use antigravity for moving, technology that has nothing to do to normality, underground places that get supplies from the outside world, but nobody from the outside is aware of the implications involved or the characters for whom they supply those goods, ancient settlements that bear the mark of new or undiscovered technologies, there is a whole list of never ending mysteries that are part of that restricted knowledge involving the locations, where not even the birds have the right to fly.

There are ancient documents that give detailed descriptions of the Earth and its surface seen from space, or descriptions of The Milky Way. How was that possible if in the ancient times men in our history books did not even dream to do that, while those dreamers of the Renaissance were so far away from the actual travelling into space? There are also real ancient documents that describe the surface of the Moon with its craters and they even talk about monuments build there. Is it the fruit of imagination as they all want us to believe? Let's say that we, people are really imaginative, but can you say that, when you hold in your hand an ancient replica of a plane used today (accept that the replica is more than a thousand years old), today meaning according to our history books the peak of Earthen civilization. What about the drawings with planes found in Egypt on the pyramids, among the other pictograms on the ancient monument walls?

It is so interesting that above all these they are still trying to be convincing about the UFO presence and existence when most of the technologies have already been reached here on Earth in great secrecy, but still there are millions of people that have been kidnapped, and their minds manipulated, in such a way, to transmit back only what they wanted us to hear to complete their evidence with these stories.

Our society became a large theatre and we are all the actors to play the predetermined roles that they established for each one of us. It happened with or without our will, and we are now the prisoners of our own lives unless we decide to escape this predetermined matrix.

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