Will We Live Enough to See Everything Being Disclosed?

You will find here a disclosure of unprecedented truths and mysteries. You will see here how powerful the nature of mankind is, and how much the truth was kept aside. UFOs and alien civilizations, Anunnaki.
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Cardiff, United Kingdom (prHWY.com) November 20, 2012 - You will find here a disclosure of unprecedented truths and mysteries. You will see here how powerful the nature of mankind is, and how much the truth was kept aside. UFOs and alien civilizations, Anunnaki - the reptilians, religions, amazing scientific discoveries, outstanding technologies etc., they are all unveiled by a new vision upon the world that is about to change its course sometimes between 2012 and 2015.

Look around and you will see that things have always been strangely surrounded by an air of mystery and of suspect silence. More or less pieces of information transcending reality were left for the media to be spread around, some of them intentionally, some of them accidentally, and they were all followed by virulent denials and so on. The denial came with explanations that seemed quite logical at first, but then they transformed into some kind of myth, never accepted, but also never demolished enough to disappear from the public vigilant eye.

The past, our common past that should have been known and clearly stated within our history books is now just a long line of stories that were admitted to be acceptable for the public view. Generation after generation has been nourished with these distant, passive and very nicely created stories about our past. Archeology discovered and hit the ground for so many mysterious other truths, but only now when the public opinion is more and more demanding, those other truths make their way to the light. It is of course easier to lead a world in the darkness, although we all thought that the dawn of the Dark Ages is such a distant event of the past, but what's the use for us as human beings to live forever in the night of reason?

The scientific elite have periodically been boiling of scandals, because of all these today uncovering and tomorrow covering the information. There is a worldwide manipulation, let's not call it conspiracy, which keeps away important information from the public view. Public opinion is either misinformed or led on false tracks by this permanent toweling, absorbing important events. Although there is something that transpires all the time, the whole information is never there. The question is why and also for how long will we be still living in this useless mystery. Why all this strategy of suppressing the information and what is next?

The disclosure must have its beginning for a world that doesn't want to live with the secret of secrets anymore. The whole planet seems to be in rage lately, there are series of events that announce major changes for our close future. Floods, extreme swirls and winds, hurricanes, tsunamis, solar storms, visible changes in weather conditions, melting of the glaciers, magnetic abnormalities, frightening news circulating all around the media, everything is lying on a time bomb.

Take a look at the beginning of unveiling of things, at the disclosure, like a rage that fulfills the rage of our planet. We must go somewhere, we must find out what is going on into our world. Are we at the end of something or is this just the beginning? If we are at end, how will it be, and if it is the beginning, it is the beginning of what?! Will we live enough to get the answers?

The secret of secrets unveiled here Secret of Secrets http://www.holographic-disclosure.com, and other disclosures of unknown truths at Disclosure http://www.holographic-disclosure.com


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