Developers Announce Launch of Insid3r App for Facebook Privacy

Developers Announce Launch of Insid3r App for Facebook Privacy
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San Diego, CA ( November 20, 2012 - San Diego, CA -- Henry Li and Chris Gorou have announced the release of Insid3r, their new privacy application for social networking. Specifically designed for those who frequent Facebook, the app provides a number of capabilities to ensure users' information is maintained in a safe and secure environment.

"If you have privacy concerns over the use of Facebook, you will have to use this app," said Li.

Insid3r is available for the Android and an iOS version will be released in the near future. The app is compatible with the Facebook and 4Square social networks. It provides users with the ability to mask their messages, check-in locations when they access their Facebook account, and text messages sent via 4Square and Facebook.

The new app offers anonymity and stealth capabilities to prevent unwanted attention while using Facebook to keep posts discreet and out of the hands of others. Insid3r allows users to post and send messages, while preventing other parties from copying any part of the information and reposting it.

Those utilizing the application can only view messages after they log in with the appropriate PIN and they can schedule their text messages for specific release times. Internet users can utilize Insid3r to establish private and public groups, and deliver content to either group in stealth mode.

Online privacy, safety and security are an ever-increasing concern, especially for those who frequent Facebook. The social networking giant boasts over a billion members, with new users joining the ranks of the faithful every day. The social media site provides a convenient means of staying in contact with family and friends, but it can also have unwanted and unforeseen drawbacks.

Hackers, stalkers and pedophiles are just some of the dangers that individuals can encounter on social networking sites. Facebook provides privacy settings, but Insid3r goes further, allowing users to conceal their communications from anyone who would do them harm. The app provides an additional level of privacy that can be used by adults to keep themselves and their children safe and secure on Facebook.

About Insid3r
Insid3r represents a new generation of privacy apps to keep users safe from unwanted attention on social media sites. The app provides numerous ways to keep communications private, hide login locations safe from prying eyes, and keep information from being copied and sent to others. Insid3r provides privacy, security and safety from a host of individuals that would seek to harm them or their loved ones.

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