Kraftwerk K9 - Committed To Providing Dogs With A Healthy And Comfortable Atmosphere

This press release informs the readers that Kraftwerk K9 is committed to providing dogs with a healthy and comfortable atmosphere.
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Rochester, WA ( April 20, 2011 - Kraftwerk K9, founded by Wayne Curry is a leading dog training and breeding facility that aims at providing people with well-trained and obedient dogs, especially German Shepherds at affordable prices. It has been designed to offer a wide range of excellent and dependable dog care services. Wayne has employed a highly experienced 24/7 on-site veterinarian who thoroughly examines the health of the dogs and puppies. It has gained huge popularity for providing the dogs and puppies with a clean, healthy and comfortable atmosphere.

Strobecks, PA wrote to Wayne, "This is our beloved Kaiser during one of the few snows we had in south-central Pennsylvania this winter. Born St. Patrick's Day, arrived here via Delta airlines on Cinco de Mayo, he is certainly an international, travelling dog! He still travels...15 months old...has our 10 acres to play, goes along to the Delaware beaches (but doesn't really care for the ocean) and visited a local park for the Easter egg hunt! We spoil him terribly but he is a great, dedicated friend, especially to Bob & me. He is very steady and brave, not hiding during thunder storms or hot air balloon passages overhead. Kaiser has a healthy, sturdy body & his coat glistens! We love this dog!

Wilkinsons, FL wrote, "Just a quick update on Inka. She is now 5 months and, as you can see, just a beautiful girl. Her training has been so easy that she makes me look good all the time. She is very protective of the house and yard already sounding off with a deep bark that I bet is quite scary to strangers. We are so happy to have her and I still can't believe how solid her temperament is in any situation. She starts her professional training this month so I'll update you from time to time on her (my) progress. I recommend people to Kraftwerk all the time and I am looking forward to getting my next GSD from you."

About Kraftwerk K9

Kraftwerk K9 is a leading German Shepherd dog breeding and training facility based in Rochester, WA. This facility was founded by Wayne Curry who himself is a successful world championship competitor and national champion. Here, a dog lover can find puppies, older puppies, trained dogs, and a wide range of products for dog care and training. Please browse through for more information.


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